Quick Start Guide For Therapists

Therapists should read this entire page.

Download and try the 100% FREE PSTEC Click Tracks first. Try it yourself to be sure you understand the basic process before you use it with therapy clients.

Next download "Click Tracks Made Simple".
This will help you understand exactly what you can do with PSTEC.

Your best first purchase is "PSTEC in The Trenches".
Produced by a Master Practitioner, "PSTEC In The Trenches" describes how he got started with PSTEC. He gives you an excellent and easy to understnd explanation of the PSTEC tools and also how to use PSTEC in therapy. Then you will hear him describe numerous actual client sessions, the phenomenal results achieved. Importantly you will learn exactly how he achieved those results so that you can do the same.
This is enough to really get you started in understanding PSTEC. It will also help you to realise what it can do for you professionally.

After that there's lots to choose from. Each addition will allow you to do even more.
The most popular first choices of core tools are:

PSTEC Level 1 (Essential tools and essential info)
PSTEC Negtive - The Belief Eraser (Seriously useful. Includes tools and comprehensive tutorial on beliefs.),
The "PSTEC Belief Blasters" (Seriously useful again. Easier to use than PSTEC Negative.)
PSTEC Accelerators (Multiple uses)
Click Track 2015 (Perfect for certain situations).
Many therapists also really love PSTEC Cascade Release.
- All these core tools and tutorials are for use on almost anything and everything.

As soon as you start doing PSTEC in sessions... ..Become an affiliate.
Here's why it's useful to you:
You CANNOT give PSTEC tools directly to clients. That would be a breach of copyright - But as an affiliate you can direct clients to the tools and be rewarded for your knowledge at the same time.
Here's how it works:
First become an affiliate for PSTEC. The affiliate program pays almost 50%. Then when you do paid sessions you can advise your clients on what they may wish to use at home and direct them to your affiliate links. Or if doing SKYPE or phone sessions you can advise clients which tools they will need and be sure to have your affiliate links set up ready on your own site.

To become even more expert the best follow on sequence of tutorials is as follows:
Advanced PSTEC
PSTEC Positive Secrets
Advanced Part 2

There are also other tutorials and also a huge amount of free information on the forum, in the free resources and in the interviews.

Exams and Certification
You can take exams and get certification in PSTEC. After studying PSTEC Level 1 there is an exam that you can take. It's good to check your understanding. It's also better for your clients and it's also very sensible from an insurance perspective. To do that visit The PSTEC Register.

Important Note on Licences
Licensing was introduced to handle corporate type usages.

Solo therapists working alone and for themselves are very welcome to use PSTEC with individuals who are paying privately for their own therapy. That kind of use does NOT require a licence.

Licensing relates to corporate type uses only. Licensing generally kicks in when therapists are part of a larger business, or working for businesses, or being paid by businesses, state funded organisations or similar entities. Such organisations are regarded as corporate. Corporate entities must apply for licences to use PSTEC or to have someone using PSTEC on their behalf. This is why therapists offering such services to business, insurance companies or state run organisations need to understand the licensing rules. Currently in addition to the licensing regulation, NHS, Medical Organisation and Education/School use is strictly forbidden without prior personal written consent via PSTEC Services which is owned and operated under the auspices of Tim Phizackerley (See terms of use). Schools are subject to special licensing and training arrangements and that is handled mostly by Peter Owen. See PSTEC in Schools in the navigation for this website.
Therapists who wish to do corporate type work for businesses or similar institutions are almost certain to require a license to use PSTEC in that context. Without a valid license to use PSTEC in that context such work using the tools is prohibited.
This is carefully explained in detail in the Terms of use. (Look particularly under the heading "Copyright, Limitations of Use, Business Use & Corporate Licenses For Use".) In the event that a therapist wishes to use PSTEC in such a context the terms of use also explain how to apply. Therapists hoping or intending to do any kind of corporate work with PSTEC should therefore read the terms of use carefully.