Free Interviews With Real Users of PSTEC to Help You

For weight problems, confidence, self esteem, self empowerment, phobias, PTSD, trauma, learning etc...
These links will take you to the American site where you can listen to for free as Jeff Harding talks to real people about how they are using PSTEC and how you can too. Sincere thanks to all those who have taken part. They have shared freely for your benefit.

Depression and Even Suicidal Thoughts Handled Quickly and Easily for clients by PSTEC Master Practitioner Peter Owen. (Free)
Peter is also the author of the brilliant 'PSTEC in The Trenches' - available in the therapist resources

Blushing : Tanja, explains how she used PSTEC for blushing and how she then went on to clear much more. (Free)

Super Learning: Improved Retention and Memory (Free)
Carole, a PSTEC User, talks about how PSTEC Positive has helped her to learn, restore memory and learn a new language.

Fibromyalgia: unexpected benefits discussed by PSTEC Master Pracitioner (FREE)

Agoraphobia: Liz explains how she has used PSTEC to overcome a combination of anxiety, panic attacks and also agoraphobia! (Free)

Lack of emotion
: Michael talks about coming from "no feelings" to being aware of his feelings.
How he stopped being emotionally shut down and actually allowed life to begin again.(Free)

Physical issues etc: Multiple uses: Janice Ray (therapist) talks about how she uses PSTEC for many issues including physical ones. (Free)

Anxiety cured.Wil, Part 1 Dread, anxiety and a sense of doom. A different way to approach childhood trauma and heal it.(Free)

Wil, Part 2 How he shed his dread ... then how the advanced PSTEC audio raised his personal healing to another level. (Free)

Emotional Eating: Sally Baker & Liz Hogon, expert authors of "Achieve Your Natural Weight" talk about how you can use PSTEC & EFT to encourage a sustained and natural weight loss without ever dieting at all. (Free)

Social anxiety: etc: Meghan Saunders (therapist) clearing social anxiety, better relationships, business improvements and abundance
(This is step-by-step example of using PSTEC) (Free)

Migraines: Elaine Corona, LCSW, licensed therapist talks about how she used PSTEC for a client's migraine headache
Also in this audio, Elaine shares the simplicity of using PSTEC in her practice. (Free)

Money, business and relationships: Karen Mead. (Aromatherapist) explains her use of PSTEC for Money issues, business, abundance, better relationships and some physical issues covered too.(Free)

Post traumatic stress: Andy Eckley (therapist ) explains in detail how he works with PTSD (Free) Please note: (In the issue specific tutorials Tim also has a 1hr+ PTSD specific package)

Back pain: Mike Wells - (therapist ) Use of PSTEC for a Sore Back and Prior to a Surgery. Then Mike turns the tables and interviews Jeff about how he used PSTEC for another back problem! (Free)

Cynthia, an experienced energy worker finds new ways to use PSTEC. (Free)

PTSD: Chris de Castell (therapist) gives emotional rescue to refugees from the earthquake in Haiti (Free)

Surgery: Karen Phizackerley (Tim's wife) explains how she used PSTEC for her Kidney transplant (Free)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Dawn Macaskill had MCS for years. Not anymore. Here she explains how she used PSTEC to remove it. (Free)

Celebrity Interview with Cash Peters: Cash thought He Had Already Doused the Fires of His Past Emotional Wounds ...then he found PSTEC. . A fascinating, thought provoking and highly entertaining interview with this talented broadcaster. Some great tips on PSTEC and also on living life. (Free)

If you would like to thank a contributor by leaving a comment or want a more detailed overview of the interviews you can go to the PSTEC Audio source website. If you would like to be interviewed please email.