PSTEC For Stress In The Moment

What happens to you when something truly awful happens and you're completely unprepared?

Maybe a disaster happens at work or home. Maybe someone starts shouting or perhaps someone falls ill. Your reaction will depend on the exact nature of the unexpected stress, but whatever the stressful situation it's almost guaranteed your reaction will be rooted in old habits.

Depending upon the circumstances it could be that you'd normally explode, feel anxious or maybe completely stressed out when certain things catch you by surprise.

Unexpected stress is just that. Totally unexpected. Some people shout, cry or feel confused and overwhelmed. It's also extremely common when unexpected stress occurs for people to lose all sense of proportion and just react. ... often very badly.

"I could have handled that so much better" is something we've all said many times after the event.

PSTEC for "Stress in The Moment" is designed to allow you to remain calm and rational whatever happens, so you can think calmly and react better.

Here's how it works...
Under normal circumstances when a surprise stressful situation occurs the subconscious kicks in with old habits and patterns of reaction. This is because there's so little time and so it just reacts!

Think about how in the past when awful things have happened you may have almost been like a passenger watching things unfold and just reacting. In fact as you think back you'll probably realise you've sometimes felt totally powerless to stay calm. When something major "hit" you by surprise it's almost guaranteed you've done things you could have done better, or maybe regretted things you did afterwards.

Many people say or do things they deeply regret later. You might also be quite familiar with a feeling of overwhelm and not knowing exactly what to do. Well however you've reacted to unexpected stress in the past, you know exactly what it was like for you.

You can improve these reactions by using Click Tracks and PSTEC Positive of course, but those tools tend to be most useful when you know what stresses you're facing. "Stress In The Moment" is very different because it's designed to fit every UNEXPECTED stress.

Whatever the circumstance, the subconscious is just running a program and this means that when your programming changes, so does your reaction.

The "Stress In The Moment" audio programs your subconscious to react very calmly in future. PSTEC "Stress In The Moment" gives your mind a new and better set of instructions. And because of the way these instructions are given, your subconscious will be able to apply these instructions to ANY nasty surprise in the future. The more you listen the more fully you program yourself for change. In short, PSTEC for "Stress In The Moment" is programming to prepare you for any unexpected crisis or any nasty surprise.

This is a way for you to take control, and remain rational. This is preparation for those stressful situations which come totally out of the blue.

When you try this audio you'll be surprised in another way too. For one thing, "Stress In The Moment" is a PSTEC based hypnotic program and there's no tapping at all. This draws on the Click Tracks for inspiration but it adds another new and important spin so use the Click Tracks for those things you know to expect. But then also listen to "Stress In The Moment" for those you don't. By listening to "Stress In The Moment" you'll be mentally prepared to react much more calmly to ANY unexpected stress.

To create this package Tim's been exploring an even better model of the way language affects the subconscious, and PSTEC for "Stress In The Moment" is the outcome of his latest research.

In order to give you even more variety Tim has asked Jeff Harding to record this package. Jeff has added that beautifully calming manner of his to this wonderful programme. And better yet you're going to get two different versions so you can choose which of the two you'll prefer when you listen to this. Whichever it is, enjoy PSTEC now, for "Stress In The Moment"
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