Leave Your Very Own Spoken Message About Your Success With PSTEC to encourage other people

Mobile Phone On DeskSharing positive experience feels wonderful and talking about positive change helps to reinforce those positive feelings within you

Sharing a comment describing your own success with PSTEC can be hugely encouraging and helpful to other people. You can be an inspiration to other people by telling them about your very own success with PSTEC.

Mobile phones now include voice recorders so you can very quickly record and email us your experience of using the tools. If you've been on the reviews page you'll know how important they are and how meaningful. It really means a lot to other people to hear how this really works. Thank you in advance.

Hint: Just be sure it is totally unscripted, unrehearsed and 100% honest. Why not take out your mobile phone right now and have a go! We'd love to hear from you.

Note to therapists: If you're a therapist and you're using PSTEC then it's also absolutely fine to mention your practice as long as contact details are supplied.

Storyline feedback can be sent to: email@pstec.org