How To Stop Eating Junk Food And End Your Food Compulsions Quickly

Thanks to his understanding of psychology you can now get this powerful audio system yourself. It was painstakingly designed to stop junk food compulsions in minutes. There's no outside force creating those unhealthy habits so in principle stopping should be just like flicking a mental switch to the "off" position. This simple but awesome system is intended to do exactly that. Use this on any junk food habit you want to de-program. It's very simple to use and has awesome user feedback.

Reviews Of The Junk Food Habit Breaker

Example User Feedback
“I downloaded the Overcoming Food Compulsions after you sent me the email. First impressions are that it is highly effective. I have not had any desire to eat any cake since Thursday when I did the click track on it. Today I went somewhere and there was a pile of cake to eat but I didn’t feel any desire to eat it at all…
I also went into a cafe at lunchtime today and found myself drawn to the healthiest thing on the menu, was overjoyed with the food when it came, then felt full half way through the meal so had to take half of it home with me. This is unheard of and my friend who I was with was really quite surprised at me.”

Example Therapist Feedback
"In my work as a therapist I see many clients presenting with weight issues. These clients can be very difficult to deal with and in the past have often needed quite a few sessions to get them to the point where they no longer crave the food they have been addicted to.

I recently obtained a Tim’s copy of FAD and decided to try it out on my clients. Wow! A male client seeing me couldn’t open a bag of liquorice allsorts without consuming the entire bag. We ran the FAD track on these sweets ONCE and he now has no desire whatever to eat them. He’s amazed and delighted. Other clients that I’m working with are doing just as well – this is yet another amazingly effective piece of work from Tim and one that I highly recommend.

For anyone working with weight loss clients please go ahead and purchase a copy – it will be one of the best tools you have in your toolbox. For self helpers who are struggling with cravings I recommend you buy a copy and run it on all that junk food that you are currently unable to resist. It’s so easy and incredibly effective.

Thanks Tim – you make my work a breeze!"

Liz Hogon
Liz Hogon Hypnotherapy
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You can use this for all of the following:

green bullet point Chocolate
green bullet point Cakes
green bullet point Sweets & Candy
green bullet point Pizza
green bullet point Doughnuts
green bullet point Burgers
green bullet point Biscuits
green bullet point Fries
green bullet point Curry
green bullet point Potato Chips
green bullet point Fizzy drinks
green bullet point Cola
green bullet point Cheese
green bullet point & more…

Stop eating that junk food and put an end to food compulsions.

Two (2) Tutorials (one for self-help and another for therapists)
Four (4) Tracks or Tools to help you end your food and drink compulsions
This Download Package size is approx 43Mb

Buy Now for ONLY $37.77

Comes with full instructions. Designed to give you lasting results and remove most food compulsions in a matter of minutes. Simply repeat if needed.
These tracks are designed only for high calorie or junk foods.