One To One Therapy Or Coaching For You

I extend you a very warm welcome. You'll find I've kept things short and easy here for you. If you haven't already used the free PSTEC tracks then be sure to begin with the completely free PSTEC system. If you've used that and you think you want me to work with you in person but you're not quite sure what that will be like, then read on because the information you need is all here.

In Person or over the Phone... Which is Best?

Please Note: The information and prices here relate ONLY to phone therapy and coaching in PSTEC. For some things it really is best to see me in person. For others it's simply not needed. I used to do all sessions in person and in my therapy office but my invention of PSTEC allows me to offer many extremely powerful and effective therapy for you at home. This is done very easily by giving you the guidance you need. This empowers you and that's a good thing. Also it's much more convenient and if you've already experienced at least some of the power of PSTEC then you'll already know how great the results can be. Whatever the issue, I can work with you, wherever you live.

This way of getting the changes you want in your life is efficient. As we work together you get to take a significant part in your own transformation. That in itself can bring you REALLY powerful feelings of self worth and increased self confidence. Many people also prefer the relative anonymity of getting help over the phone.

Why Work With Tim Phizackerley?

Firstly I have a Worldwide reputation. If you think employing a professional like myself is expensive try employing an amateaur and you'll soon discover the difference! My work is designed to bring you amazing results that last and in the shortest timescalses. The PSTEC tools are incredibly flexible, and my knowledge of them is so complete, that most problems can be worked on in this way.
Talking with you by telephone or Skype I will use my knowledge to help you.

I've created many tutorials but even so, some people want reassurance in knowing exactly where to begin with their issue or problems. I can easily resolve that for you. Typically, I will ask for details of the issues beforehand. Then after you explain what you need, I will determine a correct sequence in which to apply PSTEC. During the phone session I will take you through the best way to resolve your issue in easy steps.

When the session starts we will discuss the problem or issues, and I may also make some adjustments to the sequence that I will devise for you. We will then discuss how you need to use PSTEC, and as we speak to each other I'll explain how to work through the very best sequence for you to get the required results. Everything is geared around simplicity, ease and success.

Often (and especially so if requested) I'll also lay out the most perfect PSTEC Positive statements for your particular issues. I will also explain exactly what order you need to use them, and when.

This is a very effective and efficient way to work. As long as you bring a genuine enthusiasm and commitment to this way of working, it generally brings wonderful outcomes and very often truly amazing ones. This also means the issue is dealt with completely and VERY thoroughly because there is enough time to do so. Working in this way, allows me to help you wherever you are in the World. It reduces your costs, it's more convenient, and it's simply a great way to be helped. I am now so busy that it's rare for me to work in any other way. It's possible to see me in person but it costs much more.

How Many Sessions?

You can have as many coaching session as you wish. But when it comes to therapy I prefer to keep it to an absolute minimum and ideally just one session. This almost always surprises people. Often I do a single session but you have the option of more if you want.

Here's how it works:- Having reviewed your information beforehand I may ask some additional questions. During the session I'll explain exactly how to use PSTEC for your particular issue or issues. I may explain other things you can do to help yourself too. Afterward you simply work through the steps I give you, carefully following the sequence I'll share with you.

This approach is a really wonderful way to work. I like it. My clients love it. And most importantly it still gives great results. It has other advantages too. It empowers you greatly and it also keeps costs down while still providing powerful solutions.

Of course if someone would rather have more sessions then I can work that way too. Just tell me what your needs are at the outset and which you prefer. Simple. (Obviously if funds are unlimited, as they are for some people more sessions are an option).


Over the phone I have two prices depending on what you need.

Coaching is charged at £125 for an hour. This is ideal if you just want a discussion about life, relationships, or a new change of direction etc...

Therapy is charged differently because I study everything you send me beforehand. During that time I work out strategies in advance.
Because of the preparation time involved, my therapy sessions are charged at a higher rate. A one phone hour therapy session is currently £250.
These prices relate only to phone work. In person I also use hypnosis and my fees are higher.
Wherever possible I like to work to a one session needed only format and during that time to give you the information you need on how to work through your own problems effectively. I am able to do this because I like to work VERY efficiently and also because I know PSTEC "inside out".

I offer sessions by the hour, but sometimes I will allow a phone session to run over time. If that happens there is no extra cost. I do this sometimes just to ensure that everything has been covered.

Lower Cost Option For Those on Tight Budgets

Because I don't want anyone excluded, everyone can access the completely free PSTEC therapy system.

There are also lots of PSTEC therapy and self help tutorials which you can access at relatively low cost. Low cost should not be confused with low value. Each tutorial or product is produced to offer information or therapy tools of the highest quality.

Session Format

Most people just want the most effective self help sequence laying out very clearly for them. I can also helpo you be sure you are using the tools correctly. If you're here on this website, you probably want me to do that for you too.

All of this means you will be able to use the PSTEC audios in your own time, and at your own pace, to get the results you want. I'll give you the best way to get the best results in the shortest timescales so this really is an excellent way to work.

Are You Ready For Change?

That's a very important question because when you contact me I'll expect you to want to 'invest' in your own success. So bring desire and commitment and show me that you really want my help. Obviously you also need to be willing to follow through on my instructions and advice.

As you can probably imagine, some people kid themselves they're serious about change, and they aren't willing to invest in themselves fully. Others know exactly what they want and ...just go for it! I hope that's YOU and that you want success badly enough you'll do whatever it takes to get it. That kind of enthusiasm excites me too.

The kind of client I like to take on is excited about the prospects of change. If you really want results badly enough, then you have what I call a "readiness for change". If you're "hungry" for results and you just want to work with the best, then, yes it's time to contact me.

Will I Work With You?

Sometimes I say "No" to clients. But show me you are ready for change and usually I will say "Yes". Whatever, I always take decisons in the best interest of the people I work with because what's best for you is all that matters.

You are free to ask for my assistance, but do remember I am very busy indeed and so ultimately I decide who I work with. Also I don't work with people who are rude or pushy because I don't need to.

Sometimes if I'm really busy I may advise consulting someone else. For this reason, when you request a session, remember to tell me why you really need my expertise.

When contacting me also remember to show me your honesty, desire and readiness for change. Tell me why you really want me and not someone else. Show me your enthusiasm for change because that's what I always look for in deciding who I work with. Then as long as I agree to work with you, I will show you in detail EXACTLY how to use PSTEC to get the results you've dreamed about. My job is showing you how to turn your dream into a reality.

Remember that you are paying for my time, my help, my guidance, my vast therapy knowledge and also my expertise. YOU bring the desire for success, cooperativeness and also commitment to change.

Oh just a quick point here, even though I am also a hypnotherapist, I don't do hypnosis over the phone. I only use it in person.

How to Book

Okay, here's how to book your session:
Sessions for PSTEC™ therapy, mentoring, or coaching, are strictly by prearrangement and must be requested by email first. Once arranged, you can speak to me in person ONLY at the time arranged. This will either be by telephone or by Skype.

Terms of Business

I like to keep things simple. Wherever possible I endeavour to work to one session (if there is a huge amount to get through that may not be possible but that will be determined before you spend a dime)
In discussion with yourself, I will explain the correct way to use PSTEC to get fantastic results with your issue/issues.
Sessions are by prearrangement only and all sessions are entirely at my discretion.
Payment must be made at the start of the session or just before. (Very occasionally I will waive this requirement and take payment later)
You are free to cancel the session at ANY time prior to it's commencement. I do not charge for sessions which do not take place.
Please remember that you are paying for my time and expertise. Because you must follow the advice given during the session and I have no control over whether clients undertake to do that, I cannot absolutely guarantee certain results in certain time-scales.

How Sessions Work

As you will have seeen already, my preferred method is to offer one session and try to limit it to that. Prior to the session I will study your issue and your requirements. During the session I will ask questions and we will discuss a route to success. I will explain in detail exactly what PSTEC tools to use, and in what sequence. Usually I will also specify certain PSTEC Positive suggestions and I will also explain exactly how and when to use them. I will also answer any questions.

There may be a lot of ground to cover, so be prepared to listen and take notes. Have paper and pen ready prior to speaking to me. After the session you undertake the PSTEC work in your own time according to the guidance I have given. This approach has been very successful and it works great.

At my discretion I may subsequently offer a free 10 minute follow up call to ensure you have made good progress, and also to answer any additional questions which may have arisen. I prefer not to undertake subsequent sessions unless absolutely necessary, but usually I will do so if requested so if you have deep pockets you can have extra sessions if desired. Any subsequent session requests are charged at the same hourly rate and all are at my discretion.


(This page covers nearly all common questions so please read carefully.)

When you have decided that I am the person you need to consult with, just send your request along with some details of the issues to
1. Please write no more than 40 lines.
2. Please title your email either "THERAPY SESSION REQUEST" or "COACHING SESSION REQUEST". (see above)
3. Remember to confirm that you are over 18yrs of age.
4. Include details of your timezone/location.
5. Add a list of of times and dates when you are available to talk.

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