Choice of PSTEC Videos For Your Website

Affiliation was introduced to help PSTEC reach people who really really need it.
The whole ethos of PSTEC affiliation is that of truly ethical income. You can earn commission simply by telling other people about something that can transform their lives in countless positive ways.

To make it as easy as possible for you to do this there are some videos which you can use. Affiliation is explained, here.

First Choose The Right Video For Your Website

Video 1 is for affiliates who are not therapists.

Video 2 is for therapists who offer therapy.
This video promotes the benefit of using your therapy services either in person or by phone.
It also promotes the free download to generate zero effort commissions.
You post the video and beneath it you put your contact details and also your affiliate link to the free system. (This earns you commissions on subsequent purchases as well as promoting your therapy services).

Video 3 is for therapists who offer therapy, and who don't want the free download to figure much or even at all. This video promotes your therapy services either in person or by phone.

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