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How to Program Your Mind With “PSTEC Positive”

This is the tutorial almost EVERYONE's been asking for, and finally it's here! Regular users of PSTEC quickly discover that PSTEC Positive in its various forms is hugely important to you. In “PSTEC Positive Secrets”, Tim lifts the lid on every aspect of how to use this revolutionary tool.

"PSTEC Positive Secrets is an absolute gold mine of information, techniques and perspectives. - Amazing”

The Secrets You Need To Change Your Mental Landscape.

For too long people have mistakenly accepted that they're stuck they way they are. The reality is very different. Despite appearances your mind is infinitely flexible and Tim will show you exactly how to use PSTEC Positive to change your mental landscape. This incredible package uncovers exactly what you've wanted to know about how to use this powerful and flexible tool so you'll know exactly how to get great results fast.

Here are some of the details from this ground-breaking tutorial…

Here's What You'll Learn

green bullet point Learn how to use PSTEC Positive to program your mind with amazing suggestions.

green bullet point Discover when to introduce and use PSTEC Positive
green bullet point How to use PSTEC Positive in countless effective ways
green bullet point Extend your success in areas beyond your imagination… this will help to take you there now
green bullet point Understand how to use PSTEC Positive for things you decided not to clear
green bullet point Learn step by step, how to construct the most brilliant and perfect PSTEC Positive suggestions for ANY issue
green bullet point Understand the awesome power of words like “Maybe” and “Perhaps”
green bullet point Discover when it's so essential to use them
green bullet point Hit a belief that doesn't want to budge? Tim provides the answers. In fact Tim will give you several answers on that one
green bullet point Does the subconscious always accept a PSTEC Positive suggestion? After listening you'll know
green bullet point Learn to recognise the logical traps that imprison you. Understanding them will always help you to escape them
green bullet point Confusion over emotions and beliefs? This will tutorial make it very easy for you. You'll never wonder again.
green bullet point Did you know there are three types of belief that relate to emotion?
Tim will show you what they are and why it's vital to know the difference between them.
green bullet point Apply this knowledge to understand why you got certain problems in the first place. AND more importantly, how you can avoid many future problems altogether
green bullet point Discover countless little known secrets, for faster results with ANY issue
green bullet point If you have ever wondered what you can do with PSTEC Positive to make your life better faster then this tutorial will show you.
green bullet point … and much, much more.

“When I produced this programme, my intention was simple. I wanted to answer every unanswered question, so this package is very, very special.
- This is my best ever tutorial"
- Tim Phizackerley

This package is for:

green bullet point ALL Self Helpers
green bullet point PSTEC Practitioners
green bullet point Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches
green bullet point Every Psychologist using PSTEC

“"PSTEC Positive Secrets" takes complex problems and makes the solutions breathtakingly simple”

"I love the insights Tim has given me through his various packages and I have also been privileged to be able to glean insights from him through my personal emails, chats and phone calls with him.  With this package, you are about to get a taste of his brilliance and also an idea of just how lucky I have been to receive many of his “secrets” over the past couple years."
Jeff Harding
PSTEC Master Practitioner

Make PSTEC Positive work for you.

This package will quickly turn you into an expert. Take your skills in using PSTEC to another level.

What You Get:
You'll get 2 1/2 hours of audio. And this time you'll also get the ENTIRE tutorial in writing too! (pdf format)

This means that when you want to listen you can listen. And when you want to read you can read.

More choice. More information. More success.

EVERYTHING you wanted to know about PSTEC Positive but were afraid to ask!!!!

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