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Note: Also see PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo

Program Your Subconscious Without Any Need For Hypnosis

The traditional way to deliver suggestions has been to use hypnosis or self hypnosis but that old way can be inflexible, difficult and slow. This is exactly why Tim created PSTEC Positive. It's designed to do much the same job, just a lot better and certainly much easier. It allows you to choose a suggestion and then you can use this tool to deliver it to your subconscious mind. It's just a better way to program your subconscious for change.

The basic version is included on PSTEC Level 1 and here on this page you can get the EXTRA power version.

Amazing things can happen when you have the right tools.


Easy to use.
Higher power than the original.
Experience greater outcomes.
Includes more power enhancements
Newer sequences
Gives you variety and keeps things fresh.
Deliver more positive suggestions to yourself.
Choose your own suggestions - of course.
Slightly longer than the original.
Effectiveness, speed, and ease.
Instructions included.
Get more control over your life.
Infinite number of uses - of course.
Harness your subconscious even better.
Buy once. Access a lifetime of new possibilities.
Make life work for you!

Buy Today, Get A Lifetime Of Use & Benefit

You get: PSTEC Positive Extra Power
**This is a download in MP3 format**

Instructions included.
3 PSTEC Positive Extra Power Tracks;
(2 tapping and 1 non-tapping)
13MB of audio files.

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