Become a PSTEC Trainer

In addition to the PSTEC affiliate program there is now the opportunity to train people in PSTEC.

How to Become a PSTEC Trainer

PSTEC is often being used in combination with other things such as EFT or other therapies and there is a great deal of diverse knowledge in the PSTEC community. Combining PSTEC with other therapies and techniques or using it for very specific purposes is something positive.

Terms and Conditions

There are some simple conditions that MUST be adhered to. They are listed below:

  • 1. All would be trainers of PSTEC MUST be have a valid licence from PSTEC Worldwide to do so. Training courses in PSTEC without such a license are a breach of the terms of use. (See terms of use).
  • 2. You should ensure that your professional indemnity insurance covers training. (Most insurers can add this very simply and cheaply).
  • 3. All students must be referred to the terms of use for PSTEC on the website.
  • 4. Your training course or workshop must be conducted in person.
    Online or distance learning courses are not acceptable unless approved in writing in advance by me (Tim Phizackerley). If you do want to do this then please feel free to ask.
  • 5. During the course you can of course demonstrate use of PSTEC click tracks. However without prior written approval from myself you may not distribute any PSTEC audio directly.
  • 6. Courses must be run in an ethical manner and must not adversely represent PSTEC. Trainers who fail in this regard may have their license to offer PSTEC related training revoked.