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Use "No More Anxiety" to Control Anxiety

The free PSTEC Click Tracks are perfect for specific anxieties. If your anxiety is more general and habitual then the tool you need is this one: "No More Anxiety".

Can Be Used At Home For Self Help.

No More Anxiety... was created to allow you to solve wide reaching and generalised anxiety problems. This is ideal when life is throwing all sorts of stresses at you at the same time. It's also ideal when worry has become a habit. This is one of our most popular programs and also one of our easiest to use tools.

green bullet point No More Anxiety works very differently from anything else. It's a self help anxiety treatment designed to work either in it's own right or as a perfect companion to the free PSTEC Click Tracks.
(If you don’t have the Click Tracks yet, they are included as a no charge option option when you purchase No More Anxiety today.)

green bullet point This is a clever instruction set sent direct to your subconscious mind. Its purpose is to take you from worried and anxious to peace and calm. You'll hear the words you need to hear in a unique style and sequence. This special but natural sounding language pattern creates the subconscious programming to obliterate anxieties and cut through subconscious resistance.

green bullet point No More anxiety is an audio tool where you simply need to listen and think. There's no tapping, and no hypnosis and not even any mental exercises. There's nothing else you might expect because it’s completely different. You simply listen to the audio and think about Tim’s words - and that's literally all it takes.

green bullet point Tim used his most advanced language patterns to create this amazing tool. It's purpose is to break the anxiety habit and destroy worries.

green bullet point Self help can be very powerful when you use exactly the right tools and this unique anxiety treatment is exactly the tool you need.

No More Anxiety will fill the gap and do even what the Free Basic Click Tracks do not do.

This should finally get you on the pathway to confidence, relaxation and peace.

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