How "No More Anger" Works To Keep You Calm

Anger Management

If you ever get angry there are things which repeatedly trigger you. This system is designed to solve that.

Many people experience feelings of crossness, bad temper, anger, or even extreme rage on a regular basis. If you have felt totally powerless to control your anger then this audio system is exactly what you need.

The creator of PSTEC™ (Tim Phizackerley) set out solve this very common problem which occurs because of subconscious triggers.
This is a tool to shift an entire mindset both consciously and subconsciously. By being designed to create subconscious change too this is very different from the typical anger management approaches.

“No More Anger” Is Designed To Stop Anger In Its Tracks

This system is designed to end habitual anger patterns and “outbursts” …no matter how extreme.

It’s also amazingly simple to use and here’s why…

green bullet point You won’t be asked to relax at all. (Not even in the slightest)
green bullet point It doesn’t use hypnosis or anything like it.
green bullet point Unlike PSTEC Click Tracks there isn’t any tapping or concentrated effort either.
green bullet point Just sit back, listen and think.
green bullet point The system will go to work on your subconscious triggers.

There is literally no effort, you just sit back and listen, which means you simply need to hear it … and that’s all.

“I created this for other people but the effect its had on me, even as it’s author, has been deeply profound. Nothing could ever have prepared me for the effect this particular tool has had. In the months since I recorded this, I’ve experienced a deep inner peace. For me, there has been a unique feeling of calm and oneness with everything in life which is difficult to describe and something I encourage you to discover for yourself.”
- Tim Phizackerley (Creator and Founder of PSTEC™)

There’s no tapping, no movements, no hypnosis and no strong concentration needed, you literally just listen …
so what’s the secret?

The Technology Behind This

In 2016, Tim updated his language model extensively and he did this in order to gain even more effectiveness with even less user effort. This extra leverage on the subconscious means that literally all the listener has to do is think about what's being said.

The language used in “No More Anger” cuts through conscious barriers so cleanly that it’s now totally indistinguishable from ordinary, totally natural, spoken language. This means there’s nothing to distract you and nothing to block it.
The audio system just delivers its message with tremendous power.

So to get “No More Anger” working it’s magic for you, you simply need to hear it. It's been painstakingly designed to quickly and effectively dismantle your unwanted anger patterns.

“No More Anger” will come to you as three MP3 files with instant download

It’s easy to use and will make you think deeply to experience a genuine inner peace.

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