How To Add The PSTEC Logo To Your Practice For Free

You can use this code:

<a href="index.php" target="_blank"><img src= "psteclogoflag.gif" border="0" alt="PSTEC Percussive Suggestion Therapy Available."></a>

PSTEC Percussive Suggestion Therapy Available.

Terms of logo use
1) You must offer PSTEC and also be insured to offer therapy interventions to your clients.
2) You must have passed at least one exam in PSTEC via the PSTEC Register.

Advantages to you of offering PSTEC

There are many reasons why it's advantageous to offer PSTEC in your practice.

1. PSTEC is a huge resource and many people like the reassurance of expert therapist guidance.
2. Rather than undertake self help a great many people prefer a more interactive one to one therapy experience.
3. Other people lack the confidence to help themselves.
4. You can offer phone and SKYPE coaching. This is becoming increasingly popular. You can direct your clients to the tools they need and you can use an affilaite link to do this.
5. Increasing numbers of people are now looking specifically for PSTEC.
6. There's simply no substitute for "the personal touch" of one to one therapy and the skills that you can offer clients.