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PSTEC is protected by intellectual property laws.
Self help is allowed as long as material has been legally obtained but is not warranted and users take full responsibility for their own choices and use. PSTEC audio or written materials not obtained or purchased directly from PSTEC Worldwide Ltd or from PSTEC LLC are not legal.

Business and Professional Use:
Business and professional use is regulated by licences. Professional use without having said licence in place is forbidden with only ONE exception and that exception is explained below.
Businesses, charities or professional type users intending to use PSTEC on any person MUST therefore very carefully read these terms. Licences for use do relate to most businesses, corporate or educational institutions, healthcare providers, charities, and all government uses. The exception is as follows:

SELF EMPLOYED therapists do not need a licence as long as they are working alone (not as part of any collective) and ONLY with private clients who are paying entirely with their own funds for their own treatment.

Otherwise ALL business, state, healthcare, charity or corporate users MUST have a valid licence in place in order to use it legally and the issuance of such licences is detailed below.
Thus ALL therapists (or persons) who conduct work with individuals whose treatment is ever funded by insurance or by business, charity, corporate or government entities MUST obtain a valid licence to use PSTEC or ensure that such a valid licence is in place to cover such use. PSTEC Worldwide Ltd (full address given below) must be contacted in respect of the issuance of a licence where it is needed or thought may be needed, or if you need guidance on licensing and authorised use. Further down this document you will find full details on licences.

What follows is a more detailed explanation of the terms of use relating to the PSTEC materials and because this legal notice resides upon a website it also includes more general legal information relating to use of PSTEC and use of this website.

The copyrighted PSTEC process is not warranted in any way. Dealing with serious issues requires the user to think about or to recall things which may be painful. The PSTEC process has been represented as fully and honestly as possible and this representation is based upon feedback already received but you should make your own decisions as regards its appropriateness for any particular issue or problem. No therapeutic method is perfect or absolutely suited to every user.
PSTEC is not advocated for children or under 18s unless such use is under the guidance and supervision of an appropriately trained adult; therefore any such use should be monitored by a someone who has received special training via PSTEC Worldwide or it's agents or alternatively by a therapist who has studied PSTEC to advanced level and preferably one who has also passed the exams at that level. Use in or by schools or similar establishments does require a licence (see licences). The licensing criteria are there to ensure such use is appropriate and that only well trained persons undertake it.
PSTEC is not advocated for pain control because whilst it may very well work you should always seek medical assistance for such problems. The process may trigger memories. If you have doubts about your ability to use the process then you may like to consider engaging the services of a therapist or mentor to guide you. Some people have reported physical responses. Some people have reported a churning in the stomach for emotional issues. Some people find the process tiring and so you may wish to avoid too many repetitions at any given time or to sleep on it afterwards. Occasionally people have reported other physical sensations including (very rarely) pain, which subsequently passed. You use the process at your own discretion and you accept full and sole liability for its use. Those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, epilepsy or mental illnesses, or those who are receiving psychological treatment for a problem should always seek medical advice. Likewise if you are in any doubt as to its appropriateness for any issue or if you are medicating for a particular problem then you should seek professional advice. The information on this site should not be regarded as a substitute for the advice of a licenced medical practitioner and is not intended as such. With regard to the PSTEC weight loss tracks, no claim is made with regard to results any individual can expect, nor is any warranty implied.
Professional Ethics: Therapists, counselors and the like must use PSTEC ethically and also behave in a professional manner. Therapists/Counselors and the like who purchase training materials and/or who choose to use the PSTEC logos or make reference to the registered PSTEC trademark may have their rights to do so completely removed if we believe there is any doubt regarding their ethics or standard of behaviour. The same would apply if they are deemed by me to have behaved in any way which would bring disrepute to either PSTEC or myself. Under such circumstances notice would be given in writing and no further use of the PSTEC materials or trademarked name would be permitted in any way thereafter. Therapists advertising PSTEC outside of the PSTEC Register are not vetted or tested. Just because a therapist may be advertising PSTEC, it should not be taken as an endorsement of their ability, ethics or experience. Likewise inclusion of therapists trainers or coaches on any PSTEC website should not be regarded as an endorsement of either them, their ethics or their abilities. Opinions expressed by third parties: Opinions and claims made with regard to PSTEC by affiliates or by other third parties should not be accepted as fact. The PSTEC copyright holder will not be held liable for any claims of efficacy made by other people.

Seller information
Purchases are optional. For those who make purchases here is our seller information.
Since 2010 PSTEC LLC has sold a wide variety of PSTEC products but ownership remains with the copyright holder and PSTEC Worldwide Ltd.
The sales handling website is 100% USA based, owned and operated; it has been owned and operated by PSTEC LLC since it's inception. has many referring websites linked to it in order to help us reach those in need; this includes and several other sites.
Where purchases are made through and such payments are made to PSTEC LLC. PSTEC LLC is wholely based and owned within the USA: Address: 1603 Capitol Ave Cheyenne WY 82001.
Tim Phizackerley and PSTEC Worldwide Ltd has copyright ownership of much of the material available for sale on the PSTEC websites but not all. PSTEC LLC pays for use of the website, some content and also for additional bespoke authoring and copyrighting services. Some content is solely owned by PSTEC LLC. Some content is owned by other authors with whom PSTEC LLC has made arrangements for publication. PSTEC LLC also pays for a support element via PSTEC Worldwide Ltd. The affiliate program has now closed but some sales have been made via affiliates and some specialised PSTEC materials, sales or provisions have been available through a number of other authorised agents. (See corporate use).
PSTEC Worldwide Ltd and its directors have an exclusive agreement with the copyright holder in respect of certain PSTEC based packages and also for the issuing of licences for commercial, government, charity or corporate type use.

Copyright, Limitations of Use, Business Use & Corporate Licences For Use
The PSTEC processes and tools are the intellectual property of the copyright owner. The audio files and the process are subject to copyright and other intellectual property laws which means that without signed, and witnessed prior written agreement from the copyright owner you can't sell them. You cannot distribute them, or create derivatives but those with access to legally aqcuired PSTEC tools are free to use them subject to the terns of this agreement. Likewise if you are a self employed therapist you may use them in your therapy practice but ONLY for one to one therapy with private individuals paying for their own treatment as detailed herein. Business/Corporate work or similar work for is subject to additional terms. Corporate or public sector use of PSTEC may require a licence (see below).
Detail: Any business, organisation or public body numbering more than two people MUST adhere to additional terms and conditions if wishing to use PSTEC (such use is considered corporate).
Likewise a therapist contracted to work for such an organisation IS deemed by PSTEC Worldwide Ltd to be a temporary employee of such an organisation and therefore the organisation MUST still ensure that they have a valid licence for such use of PSTEC.
Therapists working in such a manner should notify the organisation of their need for a licence. Such notification should be made in writing to the client organisation and a copy of the correspondence sent immediately to PSTEC Worldwide Ltd, Enterprise House, Harmire Enterprise Park, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8XT. The following email address should also be sent a copy of the notification: and headed "CORPORATE NOTIFICATION HAS BEEN MADE". The correspondence must contain appropriate contact details for both the therapist/s and also the organisation in question.
As has been stated, corporate work, or work for the public sector is subject to certain additional terms and such organisations require a valid "Corporate Usage Licence" for such use of PSTEC.
Such organisations MUST purchase a licence for the use of PSTEC if such use extends beyond a limited one off trial period of 14 days or if PSTEC is to be used with more than 10 people. Outside of the one off trial period, use of PSTEC is STRICTLY prohibited without a valid "Corporate Usage Licence" (hereafter simply referred to as licence). Licences are available only via PSTEC Worldwide Ltd although older and existing licences from PSTEC Worldwide do still remain valid until date of expiry. Corporate use licences are valid for no more than 12 months from the date of issue and are renewable upon request subject to agreement. Licences must be renewed at the date of their expiry or the right to use PSTEC will lapse immediately. (Full details are covered in the individual licences since the price, contents and needs may vary business to business, organisation to organisation.
Licences for corporate use can only be obtained via PSTEC Worldwide Ltd or by an authorised agent of that company. In order to renew a licence or to make an enquiry as to cost, either consult your agent directly (a list of authorised agents is available on request from PSTEC Worldwide LTD) or simply send an email to and title it "CORPORATE Licence REQUEST" and we will assist in that regard.
The cost of a licence is dependent upon the intended uses and also on the size and nature of the organisation wishing to use PSTEC. The price will be determined based on information supplied by the registering organisation. Such information must be accurate and meaningful. If the level of use increases considerably then this should be notified so that the licence may be reviewed. Licence requests are unlikely to be refused but both PSTEC Worldwide Ltd and its agents reserve the right to refuse the granting of corporate licences if it deems such a refusal appropriate. Failure to follow procedure or to pay licence fees on time, may result in complete revocation of all rights to use PSTEC. Use of PSTEC by such bodies without an appropriate licence must cease. Any failure to do so would be breach of copyright and as such is subject to severe financial penalties.
However we do recognise that people sometimes overlook things and we consider fairness and generosity important, and so rather than be punitive, the option to pay retrospective licence fees is likely to be offered. Therefore where an organisation has inadvertently overlooked the licence requirement but makes notification in good faith then it should be possible to pay a retrospective licence fee. At the discretion of PSTEC Worldwide Ltd these may be charged either at the normal rate or at an adjusted rate. Wheresoever used, ownership of PSTEC™ and the PSTEC tools and processes remains that of the copyright holder Tim Phizackerley and PSTEC Worldwide Limited.

Use in 3rd party ventures, and additional information regarding Corporate or Government use:
Please remember that unauthorised distribution of any of the PSTEC audio or other resouces is strictly prohibited. If you want to incorporate PSTEC in training materials or programmes, courses, CDs, books, other products or to use PSTEC as part of other commercial ventures, or for large scale programmes then you must seek, and first be granted written permission by the copyright holder or by PSTEC Worldwide Ltd. In respect of those tools typically provided by PSTEC Worldwide Ltd their permission must be sought. Any corporate or public body use will most probably require purchase of a licence. (see above). This applies to both profit and non-profit ventures. (See Requests and Enquiries Regarding Commercial Use; below). Copyright violations, either direct or by means of derivatives will be subject to legal action.

Loss of goods following purchase:
Some people have requested that downloads be resent to them many months after purchase, simply because they changed or upgraded their computers. In other words they lost the files.
In exactly the same way as with shop bought physical purchases, responsibility rests with the buyer to look after their purchase and not to lose it. No guarantee is made that items will be resent.
Requests for resends can create a huge and completely unnecessary overhead in terms of support time. Therefore, whether products are resent is at our discretion. If we do offer to resend a product, there will be a $10 charge for each product resent.

Limit of liability with respect to goods offered:
If any PSTEC products have been downloaded or purchased from this or other copyright holder licenced PSTEC websites such as, the total limit of liability will not exceed the purchase value under any circumstances. Purchases which are illegal in nature are not warrntied at all and it is the buyers responsibility to ensure any purchases are made only via authorised PSTEC websites. For example, and with regard to something such as a defective CD, it may either be refunded or replaced at the discretion of PSTEC LLC. With regard to the purchase of sealed goods such as a CD: Right to cancel does not apply once the seal is broken. Notification of such should be sent by email. In the event of a number of products being purchased, but only a fraction proving faulty, the liability would be determined on a proportionate basis. The purchaser may be asked to arrange return of the goods in order to obtain such recompense. See also "Returns policy" (below).

With regards to PSTEC Worldwide Ltd English courts only will have jurisdiction with regard to any dispute of any kind. With regard to any dispute over payments or any services offered by PSTEC LLC, American courts have jurisdiction.

Requests and Enquiries Regarding Commercial Use
PSTEC is copyright and protected by intellectual property laws. However since the PSTEC Percussive Suggestion Technique™ is so incredibly effective and so astonishingly predictable there may be those who would like to incorporate the technique into commercial ventures such as corporate training programmes, books, videos, audio programs, management or personal change training courses, CDs etc. All such use is prohibited without written permission from the copyright holder & PSTEC Worldwide Ltd. However rather than be completely protectionist in this regard we will be more than happy to discuss such things with you so please get in touch.
To discuss requests for commercial uses such as those just mentioned please call on the phone rather than by email since the PSTEC mailbox can get rather busy. Failure to do so and to get approval as stated above would constitute copyright infringement and legal action would be likely to follow.
--- Please Note: A special PSTEC package for corporate use exists. Please enquire ---

Privacy Notice and Privacy Policy
This Privacy Notice discloses the practices of of this website concerning the personal information that might be obtained about you. By using this website or by contacting those persons who operate it you are doing so under the terms and practices described in this Policy. This Policy does not apply to the practices of other individuals, therapists, coaches or companies who may be independently using or employing PSTEC or those who may have websites of their own to promote PSTEC.
No registration is required for use of PSTEC but you may choose to do so by joining the mailing list.
Detailed Summary of Information Handling
If you choose to email for any reason or to make a purchase then that information is treated in confidence. The identities of those who email are never shared unless you specifically allow it. The only exception is where those involved in business provide testimonials under which circumstance such testimonials may be posted alongside the name of contact details of the supplier. Feedback from users is encouraged because it helps to make PSTEC better for everyone involved with it. From time to time user feedback from persons not involved in therapy services or questions from the same may be posted on the website but anonymity is retained where specified. If you leave a phone based testimony regarding use it must be genuine and may be used to help others to decide whether PSTEC might be suitable for them. This website may sometimes use cookies to track movement on the site or to allow sales.(Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that some companies or websites use to maintain session identity or tracks somethings such as commissions). This website is run on a server or servers owned by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and as such they may record information on their server logs about pages visited on the website. Accesses recorded may include a record of your IP address in order to analyse traffic flow through the site and such may also be used to guard against download piracy.
If you purchase an optional extra or sign up for additional information then your information may be held by the providers of third party websites such as PayPal or Aweber Communications since they are used to facilitate such transactions. If you make a purchase you may be sent follow up emails in order to inform you about the download location of your purchase. This is done in order to best ensure that your purchase actually reaches you. If you request to be sent information about PSTEC by joining the mailing list you consent to be sent email regarding PSTEC in order to satisfy such a request.
If the ownership of this website were to be transfered to another individual or party then whatever information may be held might also be transferred to the new owner. No information submitted to this website is knowing shared or traded with other individuals or companies without express permission outside the terms of this privacy policy. The only exception would be when such disclosure is appropriate to comply with the law or a request by law enforcement officials, or to protect the rights of the website owner or the copyright holder or in order to enforce the Terms and Conditions of Use for the materials offered.
If you have been transferred here from another website then you should be aware that they may have different terms of use and a different privacy policy.
Some functions are performed by other website providers. Examples include payment processing (for example Paypal) and email notification (eg: Aweber Communications). They may have access to personal or sensitive information as supplied by you, which may be needed to perform their functions, and therefore any questions regarding this should be referred to them since they are also bound by their own terms of use.
If you make a purchase then you are supplying information to a third party payment supplier, for example PayPal or Stripe. They have security protocols of their own. Before supplying your information to them you may wish to know how they handle your personal data and you can read their respective privacy policies should you wish to do so.
They provide confirmation of payment and details of purchaser to so that such products can be sent to you. Details of such transactions are recorded on their own servers and databases. Contact details including email addresses are taken so that you can be sent your purchase or details of where the download has been placed for you.
The mailing list database is maintained by AWeber Communications. When you complete an application to join the mailing list you are passing information to them so that it can be used in order to email you. Aweber Communications store the information supplied according to their own security protocols. Scheduled mailings are sent by their servers and according to their own protocols and they should therefore be marked accordingly with an Aweber unsubscribe link. If you have any security concerns you can contact them direct for information. Their contact details and privacy policy can be found at the following website:
If you do not wish them to hold your data then you may choose not to do so. You can read how they secure and handle your data by reading their Privacy Policy at their website. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, either by requesting it or more quickly by using the "unsubscribe" link contained in any messages sent to you. PSTEC users and former customers may occasionally receive information on products, services, special deals, or perhaps a newsletter but only if such has been requested or accepted by you the user in accordance with the terms of the privacy policy.
The text content of PSTEC scheduled mailings sent to you is managed by PSTEC, LLC; 1603 Capitol Ave, Ste 200, Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA. Sites other than which may have mailing list sign up forms for the mailing list or those with product purchase links to are referring sites to that site.
If you send personal emails to anyone connected with this or other PSTEC websites then you should be aware that email is not a 100% secure medium for the transfer of data and by doing so you understand and accept this in respect of your communication or reply. Furthermore the owners or operators of this or other websites have no control over the security (or lack of) on any devices you yourself own or choose to use and we therefore advise good sense and good security if you choose to share information.
This website and its parent company takes precautions to protect user information, both online and offline. If information changes we will make every effort to provide a way to correct or update data provided and to do so timeously. If the privacy policy chnges then details will be available here so that users are always aware of how information is handled.
Childrens Online Privacy Protection: This website serves general users of the World Wide Web but will not knowingly collect information from children. Children under the age of 18 may use PSTEC only with the involvement of a responsible parent or guardian.
In additition to the detailed information above you may find the following summary information helpful.
How do we collect information from you?
We obtain information about you in order to deliver our assistance, services and products,
What type of information do we collect from you?
Any personal information collected will vary depending on the nature of enquiry and any services requested by you. Personal information might include but is not limited to your name, address, contact details, telephone number, email address, and any other information deemed by yourself to be appropriate in order for your inquiry or request to be dealt with.
How is your information used?
In general terms, and depending on which services you engage us to deliver, as part of providing our agreed services the information your provide may be used in order to:
- contact you by post, email, telephone or voice over internet
- verify your identity if deemed necessary
- understand your needs and how they may be met
- maintain our records in accordance with applicable legal, professional and regulatory obligations
- review or process financial transactions
- prevent and detect crime, fraud or corruption
We are required by legislation, other regulatory requirements and our insurers to retain certain data where we have ceased to act for you. The period of retention required varies dependent upon the legislation, or professional requirements relating to that data. No information submitted to this website is knowing shared or traded with other individuals or companies without express permission outside the terms of this privacy policy. The only exception would be when such disclosure is appropriate to comply with the law or a request by law enforcement officials, or to protect the rights of the website owner or the copyright holder or in order to enforce the Terms and Conditions of Use or of any the materials offered.
We may occasionally contact you by post, email or telephone with details of any changes in legal and regulatory requirements or other developments that may be relevant to your affairs and, where applicable, how we may assist you further. If you do not wish to receive such information from us, please let us know by contacting us and information on contact can be found using the contact information on this website.
Who has access to your information?
We will not sell or rent your information to third parties. We will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes. We have a duty of confidentiality under the ethical standards that this firm adheres to and is required to follow. Persuant to the procedures and policies already detailed under "Detailed Summary of Information Handling" we will not release your information to third parties unless you have requested that we do so, or we are required to do so by law, for example, by a court order or for the purposes of prevention and detection of crime, fraud or corruption.
How you can access and update your information
Keeping your information up to date and accurate is important to us. We commit to regularly review and correct where necessary, any information that we hold about you. If any of your information changes, you may use the 'Contact information' noted on the website to request amendment. We have an obligation to ensure that any information held is accurate and you have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you.
Security precautions are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of your information. We cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information you transmit to us, and you do so in this knowledge and at your own risk. Once we receive your information, we undertake to use good security practices in order to ensure its security on our systems. We take the security of your data seriously and so all our systems are reviewed in order to try to ensure good parctice and compliance with applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
Your Rights and Choices:
Access to your information:
You have the right to request a copy of any personal information about you that we hold.
Correcting your information:
We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up to date and you may ask us to correct any personal information about you that you believe does not meet these standards.
Deletion of your information:
You have the right to ask us to delete personal information about you where you consider that we no longer require the information for the purposes for which it was obtained or you have validly objected to our use of your personal information or where any such use is contrary to law or our other legal obligations.
Restricting how we may use your information:
In some cases and where the law allows, you may ask us to restrict how we use your personal information. This right might apply, for example, where we are checking the accuracy of personal information about you that we hold or assessing the validity of any objection you have made to our use of your information. The right might also apply where there is no longer a basis for using your personal information but you do not want us to delete the data. Where this right is validly exercised, we may only use the relevant personal information with your consent, for legal claims or where there are other public interest grounds to do so.
Objecting to how we may use your information:
Where we use your personal information to perform tasks carried out in the public interest then, if you ask us to, we will stop using that personal information unless there are overriding legitimate grounds to continue. Please contact us in any of the ways set out in ‘Contact information’ on this site if you wish to exercise any of these rights.
Privacy Policy last updated 22/05/2018

Returns Policy
Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you have a right to cancel your order for any item purchased on this website. However, this does not apply to any of the following:
1. Items personalised or made to your specification;
2. Audio/video recordings that you have unsealed:
3. Any items that, by reason of their nature, cannot be returned.

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with any item purchased, you may request a refund within 7 days of receipt assuming that the item is not so excluded by the distance selling regulations (see above). To cancel, you can email or write (see Contact page for details) within seven working days of delivery of your item(s), quoting the product purchased, time and date of your order number and any other payment or order reference that may be applicable such as a paypal transaction id or CD order number. When goods are sold Paypal is our preference for payment because it gives consumers additional protection.

Returns Procedure
Not all items are returnable (see above). If you require assistance or have queries with regard to cancellation or possible refund then please first send an email to We recommend that you keep all relevant Order Acknowledgement notifications, as proof of purchase in the event of any after-sales queries. Without these it may not be possible to satisfy a customer request in this regard.

If the product is damaged/faulty or the wrong item and you require a replacement, please return the product in its original packaging, and enclose written information giving full details of the damage or fault. With regard to multiple CDs purchased at the same time please enquire as to whether the entire pack should be returned or not. A replacement of the faulty goods will be sent free of charge. If you do not wish to retain the product and simply want a refund, return the complete product (which must remain in their original seals in the case of CDs) within 14 days, and we will process a refund according to your method of payment. Please again note that CDs cannot be refunded if the seal is broken in any way. Pack the parcel securely in it's original packaging to ensure the packaging is sufficiently robust to avoid transit damage. Customers are responsible for paying return postage (unless otherwise stated upon enquiry). We recommend using Recorded Delivery services since proof of dispatch may be needed if lost in transit, and Special Delivery tracked services for items above £39 in value. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Changes to the terms of use: There may be occasional changes to the terms of use and these will be posted on the referrring PSTEC websites. (eg:, or as and when appropriate.

Complaints Regarding Privacy:
We seek to resolve directly all complaints about how we handle your personal information but you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF
Changes to the privacy notice:
We keep this privacy notice under regular review and will place any updates on this website. Paper copies of the privacy notice may also be obtained from the contact details given below.
PSTEC Worldwide Ltd
Enterprise House
Harmire Enterprise Park
Barnard Castle
County Durham
DL12 8XT