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Download The Free PSTEC Audios Here

How To Listen
MP3 players and earphones are absolutely ideal.
Computers are also absolutely fine for playing the audio but only as long as you use earphones.

Rate the feelings being worked on using a scale of 0 to 10 before and after playing the audio since this provides immediate feedback as to progress.

Download Your FREE PSTEC System here!
free therapy
(mp3 files. Approx 29mb)

(Please note. The package is zipped.
After downloading you will need to unzip it.

After trying the free system you may also take advantage of the free offer on the follow on package: "PSTEC Click Tracks Made Simple" (there are lots of PSTEC resources to help you)

It's NOT advised but you can also download PSTEC as individual files

It's better and usually MUCH easier to download the zipped PSTEC package (Above) but if you don't know how to unzip files then you can also get PSTEC as a series of individual files. On mobile devices and in order to keep your files together we advise ALWAYS to use the zip version above.
1) PSTECInstructions201204.mp3
2) Essential Information for Professional Users
3) panicattackspecialaudio.mp3
4) PSTecFile01.mp3
5) PSTecFile02.mp3
6) 2u863q79_PSTEClistenwhenfinished_1.mp3

What to do if you can't play MP3 files
If you can't play MP3 files, then you can also get PSTEC on CD

Remember you can report your excellent results immediately by calling the PSTEC Storyline.

How to download on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Macintosh computers:
Using your mouse, click with the "right hand button"* then select "save as" or "save target as"
(*Macintosh computers have no right mouse button but CTRL+left mouse button does the same thing)

PSTEC is an interesting topic for blogs, chats, tweeting or forums.
It costs nothing to  tell other people about PSTEC and it will cost them nothing to try it.
Plus, there is more to come.

If you can't download the audio, please tell us. You can also seek out a therapist or counsellor who advertises their PSTEC experience. They can alaos work you through the PSTEC process.