The Time Machine

THREE New Tools In This Package

1. “The Hypnotic Time Machine”
2. “Hypnotic Emotional Cleanser”
3. “Easy Restful Sleep”

What's Included?

There's a lot here and there is a quick summary below but by far the easiest way for you to understand is to listen as Tim carefully describes the content for you.

Jeff Harding interviews Tim about this trio of tools.
(Podcast 28 Minutes)
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1. Your Hypnotic Time Machine

The Hypnotic Time Machine has an almost infinite number of uses.
green bullet point Use it with others (trusted friends or partners).
green bullet point Therapists can also use it for therapy sessions with private clients.
green bullet point You can use it for therapy uses, exploration and experimentation, better memory, changing habits, business, creative, pleasure - etc...

Typical Therapist Uses:
green bullet point A possible substitute for hypnotic regression.
green bullet point Analytical work.
green bullet point Inner child work.
green bullet point Future pacing.
green bullet point Work on forgiveness self/others.
green bullet point Creative purposes.
green bullet point Stimulate better recall.
green bullet point Strengthen and reinforce a clients ability to imagine (for all manner of reasons).
green bullet point Connect clients to key events, key people or with good things from the past.
green bullet point (The audio does most of the work leaving the therapist simply to guide as appropriate.)
green bullet point etc...

Typical Self Help Uses:
green bullet point You can do all of the above PLUS:-
green bullet point Use it to change behavioural patterns.
green bullet point Re-evaluate key experiences.
green bullet point Practice different responses in certain situations.
green bullet point Explore the benefits of different behaviours.
green bullet point Discover new and better solutions.
green bullet point Do self help inner child work - hints and tips included.
green bullet point Create and explore different possible futures for creative, artistic or business purposes.
green bullet point Improve mental "muscle".
green bullet point Gain a better ability to visualise and imagine.
green bullet point Memory improvement. This can also be combined with loci memory systems/memory palaces.
green bullet point Explore ones own subconscious.
green bullet point Enjoy possible better recall of dreams.
green bullet point Experiment for recreation and pleasure.
green bullet point You can also use this to practise visiting mental mastermind groups.
green bullet point Hypnotic practice
green bullet point etc... simply too many possible uses to list.

Experimental and Non Typical Uses Include:
green bullet point You can also explore and experiment.
green bullet point Can be used to explore possible past life phenomena.
green bullet point May help with achievement of lucid dreaming.
green bullet point Try experiments with remote viewing. etc.

Six hypnotic time machine tracks (various forms for one to use and experiment with).
Plus Instructions:
The instructions explain how to use the tracks. There is an explanation of possible uses and also hints and tips on getting best results with some of the typical uses.

Please note:
Your Time Machine is completely open ended and you choose the destination. Its key function is to strengthen your imaginative "muscle" and also to unlock all manner of possible benefits. The Time Machine is not necessarily about instant results. It is a free form multi-functional "mind door" through which you can step and with an infinite number of uses designed to assist you and benefit in a multitude of possible ways. You are in the driving seat with this one. Results may vary person to person and practice may be required.

2. Your Hypnotic Emotional Cleanser

It's quick simple and direct:- Your Hypnotic Emotional Cleanser can be used as a possible alternative to a Click Track (if a Click Track cannot be used for any reason).
The emotional cleanser process is designed to help you reduce a negative emotion but now you'll be able to do it in a different way too.

The Hypnotic Emotional Cleanser is NOT designed to be as powerful as a Click Track but it can be on occasions and is well worth trying if something in particular proves to be especially resistant. This extra choice gives you another means to handle and reduce negative emotions and it also helps you to strengthen your ability to enjoy a deep mental relaxation. Profound mental relaxation and the stillness which comes with it also has many known benefits.

3. Easy Restful Sleep

So many people requested a tool to help them sleep and Tim always listens. He waited until he had a simple easy method, he created "Easy Restful Sleep", and now finally you can download it.

Have “Easy Restful Sleep” on hand for whenever you think you'll need it. No tutorial needed. The whole point of this is just to play, listen and sleep. Designed to help you to sleep quickly and well and also to build excellent sleep patterns.

All Yours to enjoy forever…
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