Wealth Of Abundance (Free)
This track was initially released to the PSTEC mailing list at the start of 2012. Other free material is provided from time to time so it's worth being a subscriber. Get your free copy of
Wealth Of Abundance.

Interviews. (Free)
Amazing results and EXACTLY how they've been achieved by real people.
The interviews are free and will help you understand what can be accomplished and how fast.
These are discussions with self helpers and also therapists. Lots of issues. Lots of uses. Everything from, confidence, migraines, self advancement, overcoming the after effects of personal traumas and much much more. Listen or download them at any time. Be inspired!
Hear real people share how they've used PSTEC.

PSTEC, Mindfulness & Suggestion (Free) 2 hours
Traditional "Mindfulness" is slow. This tutorial explains how to make it many times faster and also more effective by using PSTEC and self suggestion.
PSTEC, Mindfulness & Suggestion tutorial (Free).

Physical Pain Part 1 (Free)
Learn multiple tricks and methods for self help mental pain control. Part 1 is totally free. Part 2 is an optional extra for those who want to go even further.
Physical Pain (Free).

Webinars (Free)
Various topics cvovered in detail by webinar.
Webinar recordings.

How To Never Fail (Free Option Available)
Learn how to avoid the problems associated with personal failure. This is a free 20 minute audio.
How To Never Fail

A Free Extra Introduction for Therapists (Free)
A very important additional introduction for all therapists. Discover how to use PSTEC to boost YOUR therapy practice.
Free Extra Introduction for Therapists.

Join the Mailing List (Free)
Also remember to request PSTEC updates so you will be notified of future releases and resources.
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The Official PSTEC Forum (Free)
This is a free forum where you can post your questions and enter into active discussions. PSTEC experts on hand.

Cancer: Free PSTEC Special (Free)
PSTEC can be used to address all manner of things for anyone with cancer.
Cancer: Free PSTEC Special

A4 Size PSTEC Posters

Poster for PSTEC
A4 flyer

Poster for Meetings
A4 leaflet
"I Remember Every Christmas Day" (Free)
Tim and his wife decided to raise awareness for a local charity and set out to write a cracking Christmas song even though they had no experience whatsoever. Get your free copy of
I Remember Ever Christmas Day.