Revolutionary Mental Health Provision and Services For Schools and Colleges

We can offer revolutionary 24hr mental health provision for schools and colleges and we have specific young people's modules based on thousands of psychologist hours working in real schools with real young people. The amazing results which have been achieved have been fully testified by the schools concerned and this is why a significant step has been taken.

Young people are often afraid or uncomfortable to talk but they typically love their phones and technology. This is why by means of a transition to Orpheus Mind Technologies a sophisticated easy to use interface has been created. This interface makes it possible to provide everyone at your school or college with quick and easy to use, science based mental health provision which can be accessed on almost any device, anonymously without waiting, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This speed and ease of access is essential because important needs or crises can arise at any time and the sophisticated Orpheus interface allows schools to provide high benefit, well tested, science based mental health provision at low cost and with convenient instant access for all young people (and staff members too).

Visit Orpheus Mind Technologies to explore and request information for your own college or school.

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