Revolutionary Solutions In Mental Health Provision For Your Business

In the UK alone in just one year mental health related issues directly led to approximately 17.6 million days off sick. (Source UK Government statistics 2015)

The mental health battles of staff lead to lower productivity and stress and anxiety are also known factors in the development of many serious physical illnesses such as strokes, heart disease, cancer etc. (Source NHS) These can lead to even more time off work and to long term sickness.

Productivity is lowest when staff are unhappy, anxious, stessed out or mentally exhausted. Covering the absences created by common mental health problems or sickness or losing just one key player can often be hugely expensive or even devastating to any business.

For these and other reasons caring for the mental health of staff makes excellent and good business sense. Affordable, effective mental health provision is essential for any business. That is where we come in. For mental health provision and services look no further.

By means of a transition to Orpheus Mind Technologies a sophisticated easy to use interface has been created which makes it possible to provide entire workforces with quick and easy to use, science based mental health provision. This can be accessed on almost any device, anonymously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
This ease of access is essential because important needs can arise at any time.

The tools have been perfected after hundreds of thousands of hours use by real people. The sophisticated Orpheus interface allows workplaces to provide mental health provision with easy access for all staff members.

Visit Orpheus Mind Technologies to explore and request information for your own place of work.

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