Hypnosis And The Common Cold

In the USA, approximately 4.2 billion dollars are spent annually on vitamins and cold remedies. Despite all the medication, Americans still catch an estimated 1 billion colds each year.

Interestingly, cutting edge scientific experiments *(ref 1) have shown that your immunity is also powerfully affected by your brain. Of course nobody is going to advertise that on TV because there's no money in it. But we do all seem to know at least one person who never catches anything and maybe even boasts about it. Exactly what is going on in their brain? And is that why they never catch a cold?

Here's a fascinating hypnosis experiment you can try

Since scientists have identified links between brain and immunity the really interesting question is whether you can suggest immunity using hypnosis. In other words, can you use hypnotism to stop yourself catching a cold?
Now at last you have the chance to put this to the test yourself.

Expert hypnotist Tim Phizackerley has created this very unusual audio for you to play with. It's an audio system you can download right now which uses powerful hypnotic suggestion to suggest improved immunity against all colds and flu. As a back up it also suggests reduced symptoms too.

No guarantees of course and results will vary from person to person but the feedback has been very interesting so far.
This hypnotic program makes extensive use of what's been found in the psychoneuroimmunology research in terms of psychological abilities to fight or avoid infection. The most promising principles have been carefully built into this hypnosis audio for you.

Remember this is designed to be preventative so download only if you're well at the moment or save for use after you recover from a cold.

Try the experiment yourself!

(Approx 73 Minutes. Tutorial + Hypnotic Track. Filesize: Approx 39mb)
Contains a full tutorial and the hypnosis track. For adults only. Use when well in a safe environment and do not operate machinery when you listen of course.

Instant Access. Download Now for ONLY $17.77

No medication. No food supplements. Buy it now. Use it forever!   :)

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*(1) For details of the psychoneuroimmunolgy research go here.