PSTEC Cascade Release

It surprises many therapists to discover that while Tim was developing his Click Tracks he was also perfecting a second entirely different PSTEC therapy which he calls "Cascade Release".

So why would you want another completely different therapy intervention also designed by Tim?
The reason is because this will allow you to work in yet another way, and on different problems, and also get great results where other things might have failed - even other PSTEC tools.

This audio package is designed for therapists but some self helpers also choose to use it, so what exactly is PSTEC Cascade Release? And what will you use this for?

It offers you more choice and also PSTEC Cascade Release gives you the option of using your own voice because Tim's including full scripts for this as well as giving you his audio version.

Cascade Release works on the subconscious mind completely differently from the other PSTEC tools, and so with this technique you'll find you can even work where there are no feelings and no known memories. That's why this is so important, and that's also why it's been made available here for you.

You'll get a detailed tutorial which will show you exactly how and why you can use this "Temporal Shifts" approach to therapy.

You’ll be taken step by step through Tim's fascinating discovery which ultimately led to this and then you'll also be shown exactly how to use it yourself for best results.

You’ll hear about about the real life client treatments that led to the creation of this PSTEC technique as you learn how you can use this and when.

This is also perfect for use in other languages because you can use your own voice if you wish. (Full Scripts are included here for you!)

And if you want to save your voice then sit back relax and use Tim's supplied audios as they do the work.


green bullet point With Cascade Release you can use your own voice.
green bullet point Or you can rest your voice and use Tim's FULL audio version (included for you).
green bullet point Can be used in other languages.
green bullet point Radically different from Tim's other PSTEC tools but equally powerful.
green bullet point Use with a huge variety of problems.
green bullet point Use where other PSTEC tools can't be used. (For example where there is no known memory)
green bullet point Full detailed tutorial.
green bullet point Full scripts.
green bullet point Full Cascade Release click track sound track with no voice over.
green bullet point Learn new principles. All fully explained so you'll understand them.
green bullet point Easily combined with other techniques for hybrid therapy.
green bullet point Inexpensive.
green bullet point Fast and Easy to learn.
green bullet point Works where other things might have failed.
green bullet point Gives you variation and even more choice when working with clients.

(Total Running Time in excess of 2 hours)
This Download File size is approx 26Mb

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