Bulimia Treatment... Self Help At Home

As a hypnotist and therapist I've specialised in Eating Disorders for more than ten years

Step 1
If you haven't tried PSTEC therapy then try it first with the 100% free download. You can use it to verify that the Bulimia system here is 100% right for you.

Step 2
Once you're happy that the free system helps you emotionally, download this huge and powerful Bulimia specific program.

As a therapist I have specialised in treating Bulimia Nervosa for more than 10 years. As my ability to help people became more and more well known my prices had to rise. In order to make sure that nobody was "priced out" I created this complete self help audio for correcting Bulimia Nervosa at home. It's a convenient and affordable alternative to treatment elsewhere.

Based on many years experience working with eating disorders and especially Bulimia, this uses PSTEC therapy and deep hypnosis in combination. Everything is supplied on audio so it's also a discrete tool you can use privately at home.

It combines almost everything that I've learned over many years of helping other people with exactly the same problem.

As such this audio self help program on MP3 is large and very comprehensive.

You can use it to tackle all the most common problem Bulimic beliefs and emotions. As you proceed to use this package you'll be able to personally experience the effect of most of the strategies I've found to be by far the best and most useful in my work to set people free from Bulimia

Content and About

You get tutorials, information, special PSTEC Bulimia Click Tracks, and hypnosis. It's all been combined to produce a very powerful "use at home" system.

If you want to learn more about me before you decide to buy you can visit my general hypnotherapy website here:

You'll receive a huge audio self treatment system with hours of tools and tutorial. It's designed to move you step by step in the right direction. Although designed self help, self employed therapists can study it for use as the basis of an effective one to one approach.

PLEASE NOTE: I spent years perfecting every aspect of this in order to offer high quality results at low cost. By contrast several large organisations charge fortunes for poor quality eating disorder treatment. For this reason any therapist working for ANY organisation MUST contact the author before purchase and cannot use PSTEC or it associated tools in any way without a valid license purchased from the author. (see legal and terms of use)

The methods used are based on my one to one work and the entire program is carefully designed to systematically dismantle the framework of bulimic feelings and beliefs. It's purpose is to give you the means to control or remove Bulimia Nervosa as quickly as possible.

This audio system is a whopping almost 100mb in size.
You will need broadband to download it. Be sure to complete your download by letting it finish.

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PSTEC for Bulimia

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Collection is quick and easy and you can get this in the next few minutes. You'll instantly be directed to a special page created just for you, where you can download this system immediately. Results may vary person to person and of course be sure to follow the instructions.

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