How To Use PSTEC To Solve Problems In The Bedroom

PSTEC ™ Book Available.
Author Tim Phizackerley. ISBN 9781500475437.
Available in Print and on Kindle
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PSTEC makes all kinds of things possible and with this book you'll learn how to quickly use PSTEC to solve a huge variety of very intimate bedroom related problems. Discover exactly how to use PSTEC to solve problems relating to physical attraction, libido, intimate physical responses, various dysfunctions, common types of physical problems for men and women, fertility, addictions and compulsions, dealing with past experiences, attractions, changing libido, eliminating unwanted turn ons, Also how to deal with guilt, frustration and jealousy correctly.
And it also includes information on using PSTEC to maximise and increase fertility.

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You'll even learn how to use PSTEC to solve the kinds of problems that no one ever talks about.
Easy to read. The principles are straightforward and set out in easy steps, A,B,C style. This is a book every adult should read.

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