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Why PSTEC Is Better Than Mindfulness

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Every user of mindfulness knows that there are things that mindfulness simply cannot do. PSTEC is very different. Use PSTEC when mindfulness isn't working or when you want to experience deeper lasting results. It's free and access is instant.

From the outset PSTEC was carefully designed to be much better than mindfulness in so many ways and here we have listed some of the things you need to know. You can PSTEC alongside, or on its own, and you can know it's working for you in minutes.

Below is a brief summary.

Some people get frustrated by lack of progress with mindfulness. Others decide that mindfulness isn't working and ask "Why isn't mindfulness working for me on this issue?". Don't give up! PSTEC offers you a solution that's been triued and tested by huge numbers of people.

It's a good thing to be mindful but it makes no sense to spend a lifetime trying to be mindful about certain things when there's a good chance you could solve that problem completely, and often very quickly instead, That's where PSTEC comes in. It's radically different approach gives you far more choice and far more freedom. The free PSTEC self help system should quickly help you enjoy a much greater sense of peace, emotional wellness and happiness. PSTEC was designed from the ground up to obliterate problems.

5 Significant Differences Between Mindfulness And PSTEC

Remember that PSTEC comes to you as a completely free download with tools, instructions and instant access. This means that you can easily verify everything that people say about PSTEC for yourself.


Mindfulness is slow.
PSTEC is very tick

    Explanation: Mindfulness goes on for years because of its nature. It's essentially a lifetime commitment. By contrast, PSTEC is designed to solve many problems in minutes. See user reviews to see what we mean. Try it and see for yourself. (Free download below)

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Mindfulness isn't actually intended to solve emotional problems...rather keep them at bay.
PSTEC is designed to solve and erase emotional problems altogether. green tick

    Explanation: If mindfulness offered lasting solutions then daily use of mindfulness would not be needed. People need to use mindfulness daily exactly because they continue to live with their problems. Mindfulness is essentially maintenance.
By contrast PSTEC's purpose is to clear out the mental garbage and actually solve problems fully and forever. (Free download below)

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Commitment & Practice

Mindfulness takes practice.
PSTEC does not require any practice at all. green tick

    Explanation: PSTEC comes with simple instructions and it's on audio too so just follow the audio and that's it. (Free download below)

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Past Experience & Trauma

Mindfulness does not provide the means to heal trauma and it isn't really intended to.
The purpose of PSTEC is to quickly and reliably heal past trauma, eliminate fear, and solve those emotional tick

    Explanation: Mindfulness asks users to focus attention on the present moment, which is essentially a distraction from any kind of past trauma, traumatic past or worries. This is because mindfulness doesn't provide any direct means to heal such things, or resolve the bad mental "programming" that came from them. The truth is though that the your past experiences and past traumas do in reality affect you very profoundly. PSTEC was created to give you a fast and reliable way to heal those past traumas and eliminate fears and solve unhelpful or painful past "programming".
As you can see, there is an enormous difference between the two approaches. One is about avoidance - leaving damage in place and attempting to live in the moment, the other is about solving them and clearing them forever so they cannot affect you anymore. (Free download below)
The following user review illustrates this perfectly.

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Continuous Work Versus Freedom

People who use mindfulness have to constantly remember to be mindful.
PSTEC does not require that at all. green tick

    Explanation: Because the purpose of mindfulness is not really to solve problems but to help people to learn to live with them, anyone using mindfulness is stuck having to remember to be mindful forever.
In complete contrast, PSTEC is designed to solve problems outright and forever, so that you can then just get on with life and enjoy it. (Free download below)

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Summary of Why PSTEC is Better Than Mindfulness

As you can see the differences are very significant. This page is not intended to be critical of Mindfulness at all, simply to highlight the differences. PSTEC is endorsed by users, and therapists, and schools as being effective in actually solving problems. (A special version exists for schools) There is also a free forum and professional support if wanted. PSTEC is expandable too which allows you to achieve even more. It is based on Nobel Prize winning research and was created to be far better and far easier than any other therapy or self help method. PSTEC is designed to actually solve problems instead of teaching people how to live with them. The fact that you can download it for free too is just one reason why it has caused such a stir. These differences are also why the pilot schools using PSTEC have been so amazed and so complimentary in their testimonies. They verify that it does indeed solve problems fast. You can check out the many reviews, testimonies and even interviews from real users on this website and elsewhere.

Typical uses of PSTEC include:
- Phobias and Fears
- Anxiety
- Relationship issues
- Anger and resentment
- Stress
- Confidence
- Unresolved grief
- Post Traumatic Stress
- Depression
- Nightmares
- Panic attacks
- Consequences of abuse
- Obsessions
- Behavioural Addictions
- Compulsions
- Self Hatred
- Low self esteem
- Jealousy and guilt
- Work or health related anxieties
- etc...

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