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Why PSTEC Is So Much Better Than CBT

PSTEC comes to you free, and instantly and is vastly different from CBT.
PSTEC is designed to be a thousand times better than CBT in every respect and much easier too. Below is a brief summary and the user reviews of PSTEC are here for you too.

PSTEC user reviews

If you' feel let down by CBT you are not alone. The Internet is awash with comments from people who feel let down by it and as you look at the differences below you will perhaps begin to understand why.

5 Big Differences Between CBT And PSTEC

Remember that PSTEC comes as a free download with instant access so you can easily verify everything that follows here for yourself.

Long Delays Versus Instant Access

CBT relies on you waiting to see a cognitive behavior therapist and that can be extremely slow and also difficult.
With PSTEC there is no waiting at all. It comes to you immediately as soon as you request it so there is no wait and no tick

    Explanation: Waiting to see a therapist can be a disaster for some people because problems can so get easily worse when they are not addressed quickly. It can impact on family, and work and income too.
With PSTEC there's no waiting at all. Check out the user reviews to hear how people have been helped simply by following the easy instructions and very powerful PSTEC system. You can try PSTEC today and see for yourself. The free system contains everything you need to get started. (Free download below)

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Ignore Trauma Or Clear Out Trauma

Like many other therapies, CBT pretty much doesn't even bother to try to clear past traumas leaving their sometimes catastrophic long term effects in place.
PSTEC was purposefully designed to clear your past traumas and also to do this very quickly. It is designed to set you completely free from the effects of the past. green tick

    Explanation: To a great extent, your emotional state is a reflection of your past experiences. Those experiences have contributed to your current state and how you relate to things. It's often been said that "You are the sum of your experiences". There's a lot of truth in that and the fact that CBT does not address past traumas or bad programming is a major limitation. It is a huge weakness of CBT. By contrast PSTEC is carefully designed to allow you to eliminate the effects of past traumas, also to clear the effects traumatic memories. It uses very special methods to undertake this very quickly. You can hear people talk about this major difference in effect in the user reviews. PSTEC is designed to set you free! (Free download below)

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Not Knowing Versus Knowing

With CBT you pay for treatment or wait for treatment with a therapist... and always with no clue whatsoever as to whether it will have any effect at all.
With PSTEC you know instantly. PSTEC is designed to clear your emotional problems away like magic but very importantly you can put this to the test immediately yourself - and at no cost at tick

    Explanation: Many people wait months to see CBT therapists not knowing whether it will even work. Many people already know someone who has found that CBT didn't help them. By contrast, you can access PSTEC instantly and verify the outcomes it gives you instantly. This allows you to solve your problems for yourself at home. And you can get started now. (Free download is below)

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Inconvenience Versus Convenience

CBT requires regular therapist visits and regular CBT sessions, Also with CBT you have to carry out lots of extra work between sessions.
PSTEC has none of that. It is designed to fit your lifestyle perfectly. It is quick and easy with instant verification of outcomes which you can assess in minutes. (The basic PSTEC process takes just 11 minutes.) You can also use it as much or as little as you like. green tick

    Explanation: Regular visits to CBT therapists can be difficult, awkward and time-consuming or expensive. You may not even want to talk to a stranger. Many cognitive behavior therapists even agree that CBT can make people feel pretty bad (especially at first). Also the regular CBT therapist focusing on all your problems may not be helpful at all. It means that even after all the delays, inconvenience and travel for CBT, the results may be downright poor. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy provides no way for you to know in advance. You could invest a huge amount of time on the promise of long term gain but it might all be wasted.
With PSTEC you eliminate all of those problems completely. Download it. Try it out. Put it to the test for free and you'll instantly know how well it works. Try it on a few things to see how rapid the outcomes are for you. Instant access and instant verification of effectiveness is built into PSTEC. (Free download below)

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No Standardisation Versus Standardisation

CBT has no standardisation at all. It is therapist led and therefore highly variable. It is one of the major problems with CBT.
PSTEC is fully standardised so you receive exactly the same powerful self help tools as those people you can hear in the reviews. PSTEC is always delivered perfectly because it is standardised tick

    Explanation: Scientific researchers Oddgeir Friborg and Tom Johnsen studied CBT outcomes and found that it's effectiveness has also dropped substantially over time. The most likely explanation is that the pioneers of CBT were skilled but that skill has been watered down over time. It is likely that the reason for their finding is that the proportion of inexperienced or poorly trained CBT therapists has increased over time.
PSTEC eliminates this problem totally because it is completely standardised. It was painstakingly designed this way to avoid all such problems, and thereby always deliver the best possible results over and over. No skill needed. Just follow the simple instructions.(Free download below)

We could spend all day explain why PSTEC is so much better than CBT but hopefully you get the picture. They are worlds apart, completely different, and vastly different in approach too. If you feel let down by CBT or if it didn't work for you then it's time to try PSTEC.

Typical uses of PSTEC include:
- Phobias and Fears
- Anxiety
- Relationship issues
- Anger and resentment
- Stress
- Confidence
- Unresolved grief
- Post Traumatic Stress
- Depression
- Nightmares
- Panic attacks
- Consequences of abuse
- Obsessions
- Behavioural Addictions
- Compulsions
- Self Hatred
- Low self esteem
- Jealousy and guilt
- Work or health related anxieties
- etc...

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Opinions expressed are those of the author. PSTEC comes to you as a free download.
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