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A mind is like an umbrella. It works best when it is open.
This is a personal perspective offered in order to help you reevaluate and realize your huge importance and also to sweep away many imagined limitations.

In order to make his points Tim offers a far reaching and varied exploration of what it is to be human. He challenges orthodoxy and dismantles the ideas that make people feel small and limited. He scrutinizes the scientific method to see if it's genuinely scientific and if not then what that really means for you. He also discusses work, history, education, expertise and celebrity, learning methods and many other far reaching subjects. He uses critical thinking to carefully dismantle long held limiting beliefs and encourages you to do the same.

It’s like having Tim sitting down to have a heart to heart chat with you. There’s no pressure, only compassion to help you realize the Truth of you and how amazing you really are.

Many times we forgot who and what we "Truly Are" as we get caught up in the rat race that was set before us. We get caught up in so many unimportant thoughts, tasks and activities. This audio is designed to let you see just how amazing you really are.

Let’s break the limiting patterns pattern!

Tim will not be talking about PSTEC Tools or Tutorials. This is very different. In this free audio (updated and now over 2 hours) he wants to get you to realize how Amazing you Truly are and maybe, just maybe, it will light a spark so that you dedicate or rededicate your life to discovering how truly amazing you are!!

Some people don’t like those heart to heart talks and it’s ok if you don’t, but I wonder if the timing will be perfect for you.
The download is ready … are you?

"Wow! There's so much here! I'm rethinking everything. Thank you."

You Are Amazing - Free Audio

Approx 2hrs & 20mins

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