Advantages of PSTEC For Therapists

For any therapist PSTEC has many advantages over conventional therapies. These can be summarised as follows:

  • PSTEC is widely regarded as being a hugely powerful therapy intervention.
    In recent survey of therapists counsellors and coaches 87% rated it as very effective* (survey results here)
  • Go on. You can confirm this yourself for free. Just start by downloading the free PSTEC mp3s. I think you'll be astonished when you try them.
  • It works with predictability and usually very quickly.
  • Clearance is often easier and more profound than with other therapy methods. Even deep seated problems are obliterated.
  • It often corrects problems which have been totally unresponsive to all other therapies.
  • The basic process is very easy to use.
  • Can be used for success, performance and achievement.
  • The unique PSTEC audio files are flexible and can be used for almost any problem.
  • PSTEC integrates with other therapies easily so you can continue to work using your existing skills.
  • Gives your voice a rest and creates thinking time.
  • You can work on problems clients don't even want to talk about.
  • Money from phone sessions: - Offer phone based sessions and work with clients anywhere in the world.
  • Join the PSTEC register
    (which comes with a free inbound link to your website if you wish)
  • You can advertise PSTEC services and guidance picking up more clients as interest in PSTEC increases.
  • It's free to start and both affordable and convenient to learn and to train further. (The basic training is by MP3 downloads so you can do this in your own time without the expense of having to travel)
  • Paper based certification is available. (You can do exams online if you wish)
  • Increase your earning potential because PSTEC has an affiliate program.
  • You can even offer your own courses - subject to certain conditions.
  • And just like everyone else you can try it out for yourself first for FREE!

PSTEC has resolved client problems relating to rape, abuse, self hatred, anorexia, fears, obsessions and compulsions, creativity problems, relationship problems, fears, anxieties, stress, low self esteem, panic attacks, involuntary habits, post traumatic stress and much much more. The list is almost endless.