PSTEC Advanced Part 2

The original PSTEC Advanced tutorial had a truly profound impact on huge numbers of self helpers and therapists.
Now in "Advanced Part 2" Tim has joined forces with Peter Owen to bring you something even better. (Peter is a PSTEC Master Practitioner and author of “PSTEC in the Trenches”)

In this programme you're about to learn even more and you'll also get a TOTALLY new way to change yourself and other people.

Here is what you're about to learn:

Blue bullet point   What is the model of reality? - A reminder.
Blue bullet point   How some suggestions fail quickly but others work forever.
Blue bullet point   Why your suggestions are affected by “overbalance” and “temporal decay”.
Blue bullet point   Your reality generator and the model of reality. - How they interact.
Blue bullet point   Why trying to “escape” your model can make problems worse.
Blue bullet point   How the model of reality relates to consciousness.
Blue bullet point   The role of the inner voice in applying suggestion and its effect on the model of reality.
Blue bullet point   Why understanding free will and self acceptance is important.
Blue bullet point   About the evolution of the model of reality.
Blue bullet point   Why beliefs solidify over time.
Blue bullet point   How mapping your model of reality can turn a big mountain into a tiny molehill.
Blue bullet point   How "confirmation bias" changes your inner perception.
Blue bullet point   The huge mistake most people make about everyone else's beliefs.
Blue bullet point   Is your "free will" an illusion? Why "free will" isn't relevant anyway.
Blue bullet point   One simple proof that your beliefs are not real.
Blue bullet point   The most important realisation you can have about your old programming.
Blue bullet point   One simple "trick" to regain your personal power.
Blue bullet point   Why you've lived your life in trance.
Blue bullet point   Why mapping your model of reality is important.
Blue bullet point   Understanding the best way relate to your inner voice.
Blue bullet point   Introducing a step by step route to self mastery.
Blue bullet point   How to lift the lid on your model of reality, and inspect it.
Blue bullet point   Understanding your core processes.
Blue bullet point   Why different people react to the same things in different ways.
Blue bullet point   "Rule conflicts" - what they are and why they're important to you.
Blue bullet point   The origins of self punishment and anger.
Blue bullet point   Why understanding your core characteristics gives you greater self choice.
Blue bullet point   Why it's important for you to become an observer.
Blue bullet point   Mapping out your inner character interactions.
Blue bullet point   The power of scepticism.
Blue bullet point   Understanding personality archetypes.
Blue bullet point   What and who are the main personality archetypes? What personality archetypes do.
Blue bullet point   Discover how these relate to your model of reality.
Blue bullet point   Why understanding archetype characters gives you more self control.
Blue bullet point   Why patterns of behaviour and emotion get repeated over and over again even if they are self destructive.
Blue bullet point   Specific examples of patterns and how to identify and understand them.
Blue bullet point   Mapping judgement, unfairness and villainy - key aspects of personality.
Blue bullet point   Why mapping your reality takes you out of "trance".
Blue bullet point   How to massively increase the chances of consciously choosing new and better reactions instead of being stuck with poor unconscious and automatic ones.
Blue bullet point   Learn about other common personality archetypes.
Blue bullet point   The secrets of how "mind reading" creates problems.
Blue bullet point   Understanding complex chains of emotion and belief.
Blue bullet point   The potentially catastrophic aspects of unconscious filters you need know.
Blue bullet point   Ways to make your model of reality better and more empowering.
Blue bullet point   How your critical faculty changes over time.
Blue bullet point   Why events which happened when you were 3 years old still have a profound effect on you today.
Blue bullet point   The genesis of personality and how understanding your map of reality can give you more control.
Blue bullet point   How and why minor fears can grow and morph into much more debilitating fears.
Blue bullet point   How your inner voice really came into existence.
Blue bullet point   Why you mistook your inner voice for your own thinking.
Blue bullet point   How parental responses to a toddler tantrum can impact the child’s model of reality way into adulthood.
Blue bullet point   How models of reality are passed on to children.
Blue bullet point   - And why sometimes these models change into something very different.
Blue bullet point   Why external help is sometimes essential when the model of reality creates unwanted emotion repeatedly.
Blue bullet point   Ways in which your model of reality is constantly being updated and programmed by environment.
Blue bullet point   How emotion can hold your beliefs and thoughts like glue.
Blue bullet point   Why emotional clearing can help you "unstick" and change your beliefs.
Blue bullet point   Discover 2 different ways in which disempowering beliefs enter your model of reality.
Blue bullet point   Why mapping your reality model can remove unpleasant emotions.
Blue bullet point   How map drawing can be used to overcome emotions that have returned even after clearance.
Blue bullet point   How to combat discrepancies between your conscious perception and subconscious emotional responses.
Blue bullet point   Discover the advantages of being outcome focused in volatile social interactions.
Blue bullet point   How to turn PSTEC positive on specific cogs within your mind model.
Blue bullet point   Learn novel ways to change problem parts of your mind model.
Blue bullet point   Why altering your “inner voice” impacts on your emotions and thoughts.
Blue bullet point   How to turn on the “light” within your model of reality and get more power to make changes.
Blue bullet point   Secrets of memory storage and how understanding this can alter the effect memories have.
Blue bullet point   Why we don’t actually deal with other people just formulations within our model.
Blue bullet point   - And how you can use this knowledge to huge advantage.
Blue bullet point   Why people in the past still have an emotional impact in the present.
Blue bullet point   Little known exercises which can alter your experience of reality.
Blue bullet point   How one client was talked through making a tiny change mental landscape, which resulted in a huge positive change in his relationship with a family member.
Blue bullet point   Learn about personification pattern interrupts.
Blue bullet point   How you can use personification of problems to make huge and beneficial changes.
Blue bullet point   Intricate and microscopic pattern interrupts from personification techniques and why this is so powerful.
Blue bullet point   How one personification pattern interrupt cleared up a person’s social anxiety in one fell swoop.
Blue bullet point   One simple method which you can use to stop internal "chatter".
Blue bullet point   Learn an interrogation technique that you can use to weaken unwanted mind model structures.
Blue bullet point   How to improve your results with PSTEC by weakening existing mind structures .
Blue bullet point   How you may have caused most of your own pain by the images of perfection we keep within.
Blue bullet point   How we respond to this pain and how to extract power from the cause.
Blue bullet point   Why sometimes relationship issues are due to problems in our mind model, whilst other times true incompatibility issues do exist, and how to spot the difference.
Blue bullet point   Why core beliefs often have no basis in reality and result in “magical thinking”.
Blue bullet point   How one lady experienced anger at her untidy children and then transformed their relationship and behaviour through scrutinising her own thoughts.
Blue bullet point   How taking a belief and examining it from all sides can transform your experience.
Blue bullet point   The monumental power you can get from rationally constructing a mind map of other people in any problem interaction.
Blue bullet point   How to ethically use this information to by-pass another person’s critical thinking and remove resistance.
Blue bullet point   How to avoid activating the disempowering aspects of other people’s models of reality.
Blue bullet point   How extremely stressful situations can be reduced to calmer ones after you map your mind model.
Blue bullet point   The steps you should take BEFORE dismantling the mind model in a volatile situation.
Blue bullet point   How to deal with any repeating emotion which was refusing to be cleared long term.
Blue bullet point   One other step that sometimes needs to be applied to a belief that is deeply entrenched.
Blue bullet point   How to take a belief from a “need” to a “preference” and why this knowledge is so important.
Blue bullet point   How models of reality interact in arguments and how to use this knowledge fast to achieve your desired outcomes.
Blue bullet point   The way in which you are both the creator and receiver of your own anger.
Blue bullet point   How to inject better and empowering chunks of perception/attitude/thinking into your model of reality.
Blue bullet point   How mapping and then injecting a powerful “add-on” saved a suicidal man’s life.
Blue bullet point   Why isolation can "damage" the model of reality.
Blue bullet point   How uncovering just 3 or 4 hidden thought habits can undo a lifetime of emotional pain.
Blue bullet point   How to use “add-ons” and new creations to keep useful beliefs and avoid old your thinking errors.
Blue bullet point   Why you delete from consciousness, most of your awareness.
Blue bullet point   How this awareness filter can be amended to delete the negative and keep more of the positive.
Blue bullet point   How to quickly change state in times of emotional intensity.
Blue bullet point   Multiple and complex real life case studies which demonstrate this work in action.
Blue bullet point   How mapping the reality model can reveal your core hidden beliefs.
Blue bullet point   One example of how a hidden belief caused havoc in a person’s life, and how undoing this one belief transformed him.
Blue bullet point   How insults can become your pointers to knowledge.
Blue bullet point   How certain beliefs in your model of reality can be life changing.
Blue bullet point   Discover what you can do in a volatile situation after you learn this material.
Blue bullet point   Why anger can be useful in certain situations but often serves no purpose at all.
Blue bullet point   Why a person who is aware of their model of reality is far less likely to get angry in the first place.
Blue bullet point   Why anger creates different responses, person to person.
Blue bullet point   The difference between “being prepared” and ruining your experience of life.
Blue bullet point   How to scrutinise your thoughts to eliminate worries.
Blue bullet point   Pulling it all together for peace and happiness in your life.
Blue bullet point   Real life examples of character creation.
Blue bullet point   Summary :)

"A HUGH thank you to Tim, and Peter for their phenomenal contribution of PSTEC - the Advanced part 2. I got it a few days ago and WOW! Its content makes a lot of since to me. It’s a true masterpiece. I'm amazed at how seemingly simple you two have made it. As I listened to the introduction, I now understand the reason that I'm not where I say I want to be in business....With the PSTEC Advanced part 2 tools and techniques, I have the opportunity to move past the model of reality that has imprisoned me, to a world of possibility beyond even the place I thought possible before. ... I'm not here to plan small! Thank you for giving me the gift of your work! Thank you for your contribution to the planet!
- N. Jones
Certified Life Coach; Hypnotherapist; Pstec level 1 Practitioner
(Life mastery coaching llc)
(*abbreviated for brevity and clarity)"

You'll want to study this over and over so sit back, relax and enjoy another mind changing classic. Follow this and it will change your life.

Authors: Peter Owen and Tim Phizackerley
Audio Duration: Approx 3 hours
The PSTEC Advanced Part 2 Package includes Peter Owen’s ebook (pdf and mp3 download versions) of “Mapping Your Model of Reality”

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