PSTEC Background Information

PSTEC™ was invented and created by Tim Phizackerley a UK based therapist.
Jeff Harding - a therapist based in Hawaii has also been a huge contributor in terms of suggestions, assistance and support.
A number of other therapists have also played a significant part in helping to get the word out on PSTEC. Tim is extremely grateful to all.

PSTEC was created by Tim to assist him in his work and also for personal reasons. Previously a computer analyst, he is also an expert on hypnosis. In his therapy work Tim specialises in treating Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia and also a number of other issues. In his capacity as a hypno-therapist Tim advertises as being Britain's fastest.
His in depth research and study of the subconscious mind allowed him to model the inner workings of the human mind in a unque way and from that to then create PSTEC. PSTEC was created in order to make otherwise difficult things much faster and simpler to achieve. Although he is also a hypnotherapist and a hypnotist. PSTEC and hypnosis are very different indeed. In his own work he uses both. He also teaches hypnosis and how to combine PSTEC and hypnosis in therapy work. One to one or small group training can be organised on request. Businesses and corporations wishing to save an absolute fortune on their staff welfare programmes can also be assisted. Corporate or state funded organisations will need a licence to use PSTEC. Training is also available. Tim can be contacted about this. PSTEC is in use in a number of pilot schools and this is also done under licence. PSTEC also has available special materials for schools and this includes materials to quickly help students for better examination pass results. You can see a diverse bunch of his personal therapy clients describing their in person experience of his hypnotic and PSTEC based therapy work here at


For anyone requiring photographs in order to write an article or produce a web page about PSTEC™ there are some copyright free photographs for you to use.