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  The technology behind PSTEC™ has become absolutely legendary amongst its user base. PSTEC™ has been under continual development since its creation and rave reviews have followed almost every improvement. Our vision has always been to improve mental health provision for everybody. This is why PSTEC™ has recently undergone its biggest evolution to date.

The user experience has been updated by developing an amazing new and easy to use web app interface, giving 24/7 access with anonymous logins. This new subscription service allows you to stream powerful self help to your internet connected device (optimised for mobile) whenever you need it.

We have also developed a variety of totally new and significantly improved tools. We have modules for cravings and compulsions for things like alcohol, food, gambling, smoking and drugs. And we have developed content that addresses many of the issues young people face like bullying, self image issues, feeling not good enough, losing loved ones, parents divorcing or separating and many other things besides. – and much of this content also applies in adult life of course.

For users on the "everything option" (Premium subscription) new developments have been made available instantly and automatically...and at no extra cost.

To facilitate these important changes there has been a transition to Orpheus Mind Technologies™.

Entrepreneur - Mentoring & Coaching

  Jeff Harding became the highest qualified Master Practitioner of PSTEC™ He runs an awesome mentoring program especially for entrepreneurs. If you want to bypass barriers or skyrocket your earning potential then Jeff is definitely the mind coach to speak to.
Contact Jeff for Entrepreneur Mentoring and Coaching.

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