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And Be Amazed. (Good Mental Health Made Easy)

PSTEC™ has sometimes been called "an eraser for the mind". If you can imagine being able to erase and delete fears, anxieties, anger, frustration, panic, sadness etc with a very quick and easy process, then you understand the exact purpose of the free PSTEC system. It comes to you as an audio download, has simple instructions and takes just 11 minutes to use.

That may sound impossible at first but as well as self helpers there are many professional therapists already using PSTEC because they love it. (International register of therapists who specialise in PSTEC here.) In addition to your free system, there is lots of real user feedback you can listen to further down this page. Plus there are interviews on the website with other users that you can learn from. PSTEC is now available in six languages and a special version of PSTEC for schools is already being used under license in some UK schools to solve serious emotional, behavioural and mental health problems, quickly easily and cheaply - Again fully testified as working exceptionally well.

And best of all, for self help, your download is totally free.
Download your free tools now and try this for yourself because a few minutes may change your life.

Just identify something to work on and hit it with the PSTEC process. As you can imagine this rapid approach is very different indeed from other mental health resources but then PSTEC is utterly unique. Because the system is free to download you can try this yourself at no cost and verify it works for you in the next few minutes. Just scroll further down and download your free system. Easy.

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Treatment Of
- Phobias and Fears
- Anxiety
- Relationship issues
- Anger and resentment
- Stress
- Confidence
- Unresolved grief
- Post Traumatic Stress
- Depression
- Nightmares
- Panic attacks
- Consequences of abuse
- Obsessions
- Behavioural Addictions
- Compulsions
- Self Hatred
- Low self esteem
- Jealousy and guilt
- Work or health related anxieties
- etc...

an emotional rewire

video intro ALL reviews are guaranteed 100% genuine.

There are many reviews below...

"Forty Years of Pain Was Gone...

I can talk about it for the first time since I left there in 1967"

        Stan Pontiere (Vietnam Veteran - USA)

- Please Note: This is an extract from a 22 minute interview with Stan.

"For two years I just didn't have my life...
 -  You should see it now!"

Mary Ann - Indiana USA

"I was astounded how quickly PSTEC releases negative emotions"

Sunny Van Vlijman,
New Jersey,
United States

Start right now with the free system with its unique quick tools for happiness, self esteem and to beat anxiety. Use PSTEC to stop your fears and stop the past affecting you the way it has. You'll get the tools you need to reduce or eliminate your stress with PSTEC too. It's one tool with a million uses.

Curious? Good because to help you even further, there are many more mental health resources here. Slow methods like mindfulness can be made more efficient too so you can also enjoy a free course on how to massively accelerate mindfulness progress by using PSTEC. There's a free forum and also real interviews with real people. They love PSTEC and want to encourage you to try this yourself so you'll be able to do this. After you try the free system there's also a wide choice of unique and powerful optional extras for better mental health and happiness.

"Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant"
Dave Marshall (Master NLP Trainer - Spain)

"It gets right to the point very very quickly and erases all of those emotions. I love it."

Janice Ray (Therapist, Georgia USA)

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"Anger is mostly gone...
after just four sessions"

Mary - USA

"Just Brilliant"
Mike Wells, Morecambe Hypnotherapy Centre. (England) Phone: 07735089653

So what will it be like to use PSTEC™? Well this is nothing like any other therapy you might have tried, and to be honest it might seem a little odd at first. But go with it and abandon any previous expectations. You'll get the very best results when you do.

It's possible you may have never heard of this but in fact it's already being used all over the world. Remember, you can use this for phobias, increasing self confidence, dissolving anxiety, and all manner of emotional problems. Just try it and see how it works for you.


"absolutely amazing"
Lou Ravelle (Therapist)

PSTEC(™) is a unique system designed to create good mental health, solve emotional problems, beat anxiety and solve many other problems. It was developed by a therapist n the UK and anyone can download the free system onto any device. The basic PSTEC system is a free mental health resource which you can access immediately. Many people really love PSTEC because it's easy to use. It's also fast and it puts you in charge of your own outcomes. It's designed to produce rapid outcomes and it doesn't require you to be mindful at all but it can be used in combination if you wish. You decide exactly what results you want and then you use the simple tools to get you there. Begin by downloading your free self help system and discover for yourself why the reviews on these happiness tools further down this page are so amazing. Now start your own journey today. Get your 100% free download and discover how to be happy with PSTEC.

"It really does work brilliantly... I was totally blown away by the sheer power of it."
Trev Holloway - Therapist (Merseyside UK)

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Available Free As A Download Or Get It On CD
There are two ways to get this. You can either get a free version as an MP3 download, or you can get a bigger and even better package on CD.
Only you know what you need to deal with, so only you can decide which of the two is right for you.

If You Need Help You Can Get It
The standard system is completely free but if you have any questions there's absolutely no need to be stuck. PSTEC is now in use by professional therapists so you can be guided through this in person or over the phone. And in order to help you there's a growing register of therapists.

Thank you so- so- so- much for sharing this jewel that you have created with the world!
Bless you! :)"

Satori Kaizen (Hong Kong - EFT Practitioner)

"I Have Never Found Anything That Works Like This!
This is a Powerful Technology!"

Glenn (USA)

"I felt that all the good in me was set free to do what was best for my life"

Kim (Salt Lake City USA)

Need free training? The free PSTEC™ download comes with simple easy to follow instructions. It's designed to quickly destroy fears, beat anxiety, lower your stress, and reduce or remove your dark or unhappy emotions. You'll get free information on how to be happy by solving a wide variety of mental health problems and you'll learn how to eliminate negative emotions in a quick and easy way. It's included in the free system. It will take you just a few minutes to experience the free system and you can get your download in minutes. It's here for you. You'll find that the effectiveness has been confirmed by therapists and self helpers all over the World and you can see and hear lots of reviews and feedback further down this page and in the forum. PSTEC frequently amazes people.

Try This On all Your Problems
Only you know why you want to use this and on what kind of problems. You'll find you can use PSTEC for pretty much everything emotional, so you can use this for everything from flying phobias to releasing anger and resentment.
You might want to use it on your fears, to perhaps get over abuse or poor confidence. Use it to have better relationships, perform superbly at a job interview, banish unwanted emotions and do lot's more besides. In fact wherever negative emotions are getting in your way PSTEC is designed to make your life better. Remember you can use it free and discover how this works for you.

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Choose How You Want To Get This
You can get these audio therapy tracks in two ways: Either as a free zipped mp3 download or you can get this on a convenient playable CD.

1. You can download the basic PSTEC™ tracks absolutely for free.
(Please note: the free download version is best played on an mp3 player. If you want the download just use link at the bottom of this page.)

For anyone who doesn't like downloads or doesn't have an MP3 player there's another option. You can choose the playable CD. The CD contains the very latest update with easy to follow instructions. It also contains an extra special track - The very first PSTEC Enhanced Effectiveness audio (EEf). This special extra track is included on the CD but not on the download.

"The most powerful tool I've ever come across.
This is the future of mental healthcare and dealing with emotions."

Rowan Cambridge, England

"For the first time ever, I am feeling very, very happy"

Andy (location not given)

"Results are incredible!"

Valerie Smith (Psychotherapist - Toronto, Canada)

"I love it!"

Sara, New Mexico USA

How Does It Feel and What Is It?
Well of course when you try this for yourself you'll discover exactly what it's like and also how it works for you. Essentially though, your free therapy system was inspired by the Nobel prize winning research of Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov. His research related to conditioning responses by means of repetition. By mixing in sound and suggestion in a very particular way, a totally new form of therapy was created, and this is what you're getting.

"I was amazed. The hardest things was trying not to look too surprised."

Graham Old (therapist)

As you can see this has really amazed a lot of people so expect success. What does it do for you? PSTEC is designed to target any of your unwanted emotions in order to remove them. Remember, you can use this for free so grab this chance to feel different.

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"It saved my life"

Maylayla (USA)

"I Am Phobia Free!
PSTEC Truly Changed My Life"

Emma (Scotland UK)

"I have moved through so much 'stuff' that I feel like a new person. I'm so very grateful that I found your site. I have used this on all my clients since I got it. Everyone has had good results."
Jane Girouard. (Therapist) Tel. (519) 937-0417 London, Ontario, Canada.

"Hi Tim, Wow I've spent quite a bit of time learning your system in the last few days and I haven't been this excited about a therapy since I stumbled upon Gary Craig's EFT site years ago."
Andy Eckley (Therapist. Lancashire, England)

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"It was an amazing feeling to come out of that first session with my life changed."

Tom (Caller location unknown)

"I am delighted with the results I'm getting from PSTEC for a whole range of issues. It's quick and it's extremely predictable. I'm sure you are going to change the lives of many thousands of therapists and their clients."
Keith Jefford (Therapist. Havering, England)

"Relief in About Two Weeks from a Lifetime of Anxiety"

Shane (Canada)

"No medications come close and certainly no theraputic procedures come close"
Kaben Starre (Therapist) Arizona USA

"It's phenomenal!
I'm just so grateful.
Thank you, thank you, thank you"

Sally - California USA

"From my own experience, and my friend's, the results are pretty stunning."
Ros Barber (Prize Winning Novelist: Devotion 2015 & The Marlowe Papers 2012)
Ros Barber author

"My client's anxiety was alleviated by PSTEC"

Elaine M Corona.(Therapist)
New Jersey 07717,

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You have two choices

PSTEC On A Convenient Playable CD
The CD has even more powerful content included as standard.
This is easy to play on any CD player, and will it be posted directly to you.
$24 + P&P
Click here to buy the CD

PSTEC As A Free MP3 Download
To play the free MP3 version an Ipod or other MP3 player is needed
(An unzipping program such as winzip may be needed to unpack the mp3s)
MP3 version includes instructions and original tracks.
Available as a FREE MP3 download Today.

And now you can also get this free via Facebook. Please remember to "like" us and share with your Facebook contacts so they can also try this and chat with you about their own results. Here is the link to your free self help system via Facebook

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(For use by adults only. Those with mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, epilepsy etc should seek professional assistance. Do not use whilst driving or operating machinery. Responsibility for use rests with the user.)

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