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Dear Tim,
I must say that your method is revolutionary. I did some general "cleaning" of nagging persistent thoughts and emotions from my childhood and afterwards felt that I was living in a new world. Thanks!

This program is priceless.

Question: How would you use this technology to instill new desired behaviors? Is it possible?

Thanks so much, Keith Dallas, TX
("The answer to Keith's question is in the FAQ")

Hi--LOVE YOU!!!.

A friend of mine sent me your link three days ago. I do a bunch of energy work and healing and have for quite some time, EFT included , Zpoint, and other methods. I do a bunch of surrogate work with very positive results.

Your process is so over the top, thank you! I went in the first time and cleared a major emotional tie to an extreme negative experience. GONE. Then I went in and ran through any and all negative belief systems and fears I could uncover. Each time, GONE- and then I am made aware of what lies underneath. I have been taking this back through past life scenarios and the results are the same- amazing.

The shifts are so vast and complete. Still coming up with new ones.

I have sent your link on to anyone and everyone I believe will be open to doing this. I have already received feed-back from two people that are raving about their personal results. Did an experiment with a friend- he told me an issue of his-- I went in and used your method as surrogate for him. Talking with him later- his issue was so gone, and he had not given it any thought or energy...

Your gift and generosity is a true blessing from the divine and so are you. May you always hold peace in your heart and bliss within your soul.


Hi Tim,

I had very positive results using P.S.Tec. I used it to address a relationship issue I have with a person. Later that day when I was around them, I noticed a significant change as to how I felt. Less anxiety and tense feelings and more relaxed. The last week has been very busy and I have not had time to listen any more, however, I plan to use it more extensivley as time permits.

Thanks for sharing this.


Dear Tim:

Thank you SO much for the download link.

Wow it is amazing!
Here's what happened.

I listened to the introductory audio first to learn how to tap. Then I listened to the 1st track and here's what came up:

My mom had literally taken over my wedding plans (this was nearly 34 years ago!) and we had a big blow up about it, which caused my first fight with my husband to be! So I tapped away, and by the time the audio was finished, it was gone!

The memories are still there but I don't get an inkling of a rise about it now.

Next, because it worked so quickly, I shared the download link with my daughter, who was recently fired for reason that was completely untrue. And the "pink slip" had been delivered by the boss's stool pigeon. He wasn't even man enough to do it himself. She has been dealing with anger about that for about a month.

She downloaded the mp3s and did the tapping and she said No matter how hard I try I cannot conjure up any hate for my ex-boss. It's completely neutralized!

Marilyn :)

Hi Tim,

I am an English hypnotherapist based in Mallorca Spain. My 24 year old daughter is here on holiday from the UK. She has always had a fear of spiders. I gave her hypnotherapy for this a couple of years ago. We reduced it but didn't manage to eliminate it. On hearing about your new PSTEC, we decided to give it a try. ... She did one round and the results were absolutely amazing. She said there is no way now that she can even conjure up that 'spider horror'. (her words)
Thanks Tim ,you have created a wonderful, life-changing tool.


Lou Ravelle ABH, IMDHA
Mallorca Spain

Greetings Tim!

My name is Jeremy ------ from Toronto Canada and i wanted to offer my experience with p.s.tec so far.

Well, at first i was quite skeptical, i have been doing EFT for a few months now with limited results until i came across P.s.tec on Went to to your website and decided to give it a shot. All I can say is WOW!

I have struggled with anger issues for most of my life and i must admit, THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME! It really helped me clear up my anger issues which started back in my early childhood...I'm not sure how other would describe it but, i feel like i just got a new lease on life or something! truly incredible!

I plan to use use program for EVERY problem or issue I have. Thanks to you Tim, I feel like i'm the man i was always suppose to be!

I'm greatful to you...I wish you absolute abundance and success!

Dear Tim,
I spent half the day searching for a player on my Lovely lap Top...finally got 'Real Player' to do trick! I literally just dragged the file which i saved on my desk top, and then pulled it into the player!!! Windows media player was not cooperating.
I listened to all three of the tapes. I was interested in seeing if number 2 was any different for us "Hard Cases". (I am the "first born" survivor of 2 holocaust survivors. I have been depressed for most of my life thru my parents suffering.)
Well you wanted feed back so here goes. remember I do think this is fabulous and I will definately keep at it. ... when doing the technique I brought about a situation that has pained me for years....and I really started crying.

Here is what I think: Intro tape fantastic...not too much not too little.... On tape one and two... While I was listening...i somehow wanted your voice to be a hair lower sounding than the click tap chime...I also wanted it to be more segmented...

I wanted you to say: tap right hand, tap left hand, tap both hands. within the series because I lost which hand i was tapping I tapped right for left and vica versa and ended up tapping with both .....(I'm sure with practice. I will get it right)...when you said gone/ replaced with other better was brilliant! that tone really got to me.

It really did help and I am sitting here trying to think of that particular memory and it feels like nothing.

Thank you so much for the personal attention; again I really think you are on to something! I will follow you and I will send this along to others.!!!
my very best to you,

Dear Tim,

A hundred thousand thanks for your new development.
I am soooo relaxed and feel so free.

Though I began to tap over my constant fear over money each time I was brought to an event in my childhood.
I went with the memory of the event, forgetting all about my money issues and dealing with the specific event . Though I had not thought of these events in over 40 years they were burried still chissling away at my wellbeing and confidence and blocked my progress to enjoy living a healthy live.

These events are a memory that I felt floating away, some so far away that I cannot recall. There is one that stays with me but in a total different memory and that is of my first holy communion, I smile now at this memory and can feel how wonderful it was wearing my new dress lovely cotton socks, the old pattern was I was too fat and they had to send to ameriaca to find a dress to fit me,
Goodness Tim I am laughing as I write this. Yes the dress was second hand it fitted me perfect, I did not ruin the dress and it was returned in perfect condition.

Today I smile and I too am in perfect condition as I continue to remove more and declutter my mind of thought patterns that no longer serve me well, with the use of your PSTEC method. With your method these nasty thoght patterns no longer have a hiding ground, the PSTEC is bringing them all up from their hiding place.

Your method is a miracalous answer to my prayer.

Sending you my thanks and God's blessing on you and on your work. Thank you again for sharing
Kathleen, Ireland

Hello Tim,
First, I would like to thank you VERY MUCH for developing such a terrific product/system for eliminating strong negative emotions. No doubt it is helping many, many people already and will find exponentially increasing use by people who desperately need it. Thank you also for offering it at no fee. This says a lot about you and I have no doubt that your just rewards will come your way in due is incredibly refreshing to know there are still people of great character like yourself still out there.
I think your program is absolutely amazing...and a real breakthrough. It also seems to be the most science-based program I've ever seen.

Some feedback on my issue and experience so far with PSTEC.
First - my issue:
I have had this issue for 23 years now. It is a tension I feel in my head - approximately in the temples area. It began abruptly 2 days after I had gotten married and has been with me 24/7 since the instant it first began. Leading up to my wedding day, my inner feelings were clearly that she was the wrong person for me and that I was making a huge mistake...but somehow I felt powerless to speak up and call it off; or maybe I just feared the (imagined) repurcussions?? And even though I have been divorced now for 15 years, this tension has persisted non-stop. I have had a whole series of medical tests (EEG, CAT scan etc) but nothing could be found. It has been diagnosed as NPDP (New Daily Persisten Headache). It seems to match the symptoms quite precisely. Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for this type of headache - it is known as perhaps the most refractory form of headache. Some people experience a constant headache PAIN. Fortunately, in my case I only experience it as a tension and not as a pain. I have always believed that it is connected to the negative emotions/perceptions associated with getting married despite the feelings I had in doing so. It has always felt as though I had created some type of a "neural knot" within my brain that got stuck and has not yet unravelled. This feeling has triggered numerous depressive episodes over the last 15 years; some generating extreme anxiety along with strong suicidal thoughts .... none of which I ever acted upon - thankfully.......but still very frightening experiences and/or frames of mind.
I have been in psychotherapy on-and-off for 15 years, and have been on anti-depressants numerous times (I'm currently taking Lexapro 10mg per day).....the therapy provided temporary reflief but did not really advance my condition toward a permanent solution.

I just found your website and downloaded the recordings last Tuesday - so it has been less than a week. I have listened to Track 1 something like 25 times already. I have noticed significant improvement in my emotional state and a reduction in the intensity of the tension. It seems as though by focusing on troubling emotions, the energy behind the tension is being reduced.....and the energy I have available for other activities has increased. My social comfort has increased noticably as well. My goal of course is to completely eliminate the tension ...... and your recordings have renewed my hope/faith that this is possible.....even though I haven't reached that point yet.

............I feel as though my issue is probably one of the more persistent ones that you may have come accross....but I definitely am experiencing improvements beyond anything I've experienced with any other form of therapy.......and I definitely want to/plan to continue working the issue in hopes of being able to totally extinguish the tension sensation.

I hope this email makes sense (as I am writing while at work and while distractions are going on around me).

Thank you very very much,
Location deleted
Notes: The original email was much longer. Some content has been removed for brevity and other content to ensure that the writer is not identifiable.

Hi Tim,

Wow! Thank you for your amazing system. In just the first use, I felt relief in the first few minutes. In fact, by the end of the track, I was simply unable to call up the negative feelings!
It's so simple, you are making it possible for anyone to help themselves be free of all those negative and troubling emotions. I can't wait to use the audio again to begin clearing so much of what holds a person back. My husband has also used your system with outstanding results in just a few applications. I have already sent your website link to my brother and will share it with everyone. We all have to deal with bad memories and emotions that hurt us and hold us back.


Dear Tim,

As promised, I am pleased to provide you with the initial feedback on my early experiences with PSTEC.

Without question, PSTEC is the most intelligent scientific and simplest means of releasing negative nonsense in the mind that I have ever come across. For this you have my deepest gratitude.

The click track worked very quickly on specific memories but also, with persistence, cleared vaguer feelings of anxiety and loneliness that would normally be very difficult to pin down and work with.

Furthermore, in daily life I have the growing ability to deal with negative emotions that crop up with a robust "sod off I have the tools to deal with you" which is very empowering.

As you rightly point out as negative feelings are cleared more positive emotions naturally grow in their place.

With heartfelt thanks again.
Lincs UK

Hi Tim,

Excuse the delay in getting back to you, I just wanted to spend some time on the PSTEC audio...
I have found it to be brilliant! Thank you so much.
I am still using it to get rid of various worries and fears! I have previously tried different things to improve my mental health but this has to be the best by far. I have found that I am more willing to go out, I can see the enjoyment in life and the struggle untrue thoughts is becoming less and less.

I have noticed that it is better to focus on one thing during the track. Sometimes my mind may wander, but I try to bring it back and eventually stamp out that aspect of what is bothering me. Sometimes there are many aspects to issues so I work at the various aspects individually... this may be of help to others too...

Kind regards,

Dear Tim,
You requested feedback, well here is mine:
I am an EFT Trainer and have been using EFT for 9 years, so I have cleared all (I hope) of my big issues. I am always advocating to my clients and those I train that it is always good to clear down issues from each day. As I had come across your website (by chance) and not cleared away my days issues I thought I would use PSTEC instead of EFT. Fantastic, by the end of the first track the anger that I had scored at a 7 was 0 and to be honest it was a 0 after about 4 minutes into the track but I did continue to the end.

Indeed, as many have already commented a new and exciting technique and remarkable that you have made it freely available, well done and thank you.

I am interested in that with your voice talking all the time, to me, disallows the conscious mind to interfere with the healing process and so allows the sub-conscious to be activated and hence healing to take place. In many respects I will do a similar thing when I am asking for an emotional level (SUDs) on an issue, as many clients will try to ‘logicise’ the number either for their benefit or mine. Hence continually asking the client to give the first number that comes to mind and repeating the question until I get a number stops the conscius mind interfering, this might be worth noting as so many people do not want to be honest about the emotional intensity of a situation as it ‘will not feel so bad’ then.

I will indeed use this with my clients and as I am currently teaching EFT to many students I will include it in one of my classes and will give you the feedback.

Kind regards

Hi Tim. I have been researching and trying everything, releasing (Sedona, EFT tapping. . .actually everything including lots of wine) to overcome deep grief from a life change (business, partner, financial) which has left me crying four hours a day.

I tried your tapes and I really feel differently - would like to know how I can use it for all areas of life—money, relationships—

three minutes into the tape I can’t concentrate on the feelings


Dear Tim,

This is amazing! I have more work to do with different problems, but the ones I worked on are almost clear. Thank you so much for letting me try this. I am dyslexic and take my information in differently, so I was a very poor student in school. Teachers (one in particular) used to ask me if stupid people were really happy. Others treated me like I would never be anything worth while. I am 61 and always had a hard time dealing with people or making friends as an adult. I am in fact well liked, but the feeling of being unworthy has always hindered me in any relationships.
I also had a marriage where my husband used mental abuse to make me feel worthless.
These are memories that I have used your program for, and they are next to nothing now.

- Pam

Hi Tim - I came across your excellent program while on the inet looking at some EFT material. I downloaded your program [thank you for making it free] I am a certified hypnotist and EFT practioner - I am always interested in new protocols that may benefit my clients.

I tried your program on my fear of heights. I started at a SUDS of 7 and after listening twice I can easily say it is a 0, or naught as you say on your side of the pond :)
What it is interesting is the first time through the program I was not tapping correctly, wrong hand wrong sound, even though I was doing it wrong I still felt significant relief. The second time through I use the correct hands for the sounds. ...
Note from Tim: SUDS = subjective unit of distress (rating from 0 to 10)


Hi Tim,

Just sending a quick update of where this method is taking me. Night before last I went in with the intent of clearing my positions and beliefs that one needs to hold negative emotions within their bodies in the form of pain. Just trying for a state of physical peace and health. For me personally, it seems that whenever I come up against a negative issue, I either have a stomach aches ( as if I am digesting emotions), or sore back.

Tapped through one time, feeling calm when finished. Shortly afterwards I went to bed to sleep. Right then , laying there, my occipital lobe started to vibrate- weird but alright. After about 5 minutes it calmed down.
Woke in the morning feeling very well and then all of the sudden I realized- WOW- my bite is straight. I have for as long as I can remember had a small overbite-- and I now no longer have that overbite. AMAZING and BEYOND.

Last evening I went in to tap on negative perceptions and habits, with specifics in mind. One minute in, I started to laugh.. The more I tried to focus on "my negatives", the louder I laughed-- ran through the entire thing just laughing. Could not remember specific when finished- felt wonderfully relaxed the entire evening. Have felt very energetic , focused, and happy today. I am so looking forward to my adventure with this tonight.
I am convinced that this method you have created can and will have a profound positive effect not only upon those of us who use it ,but also - like the ripple effect of tossing a stone into the pond- create a higher vibration throughout humanity. The more joy we hold, the more joy we can give.

Note from Tim. The occipital has no direct sensory neurons. The vibratory feeling would have been the feeling of muscles at the back of the head relaxing, releasing tension held for many many years. Hence the disappearance of the overbite.

Dear Mr Phizackerley,

My name is Maxine ***** from Berkshire, UK.

I have never felt so weird yet so free from emetophobia & arachnophobia.
I stumbled upon your website, downloaded the audio and didn't use it for 7 days! Then I decided to face my fears and try this out.

I only needed to play the audio twice for both phobias. It's so weird! I tried to drudge up any fears I used to have, but felt almost nothing!

Now I play the audio on my ipod any time I feel anxiety or worry about anything. I just tap my fingers discreetly whilst I'm on the train going to and from work.
Thank you once again for such a fast and original emotional release method.

Kindest regards,

Maxine *****

Well done!
I heard about your technique from a fellow EFT practitioner and tried it out right away.

I experimented with a relationship issue with multiple aspects and found a huge shift in just one session with the first audio, from a 7 to a 0. During the session I really noticed the specific events coming up and clearing one-by-one. Afterwards I tried very hard to come up with some emotion and found myself laughing at the thought of that person.

You have harnessed the best of the meridian techniques and streamlined the process in an amazing way.
I am impressed and looking forward to seeing how this project of yours develops!

Best Wishes,

Lisabeth Gutierrez (Name posted with permission)
Wakefield, RI,

Dear Tim

I have realized lately that I don't think I have ever really been happy in my life. It started in my childhood and continued when my (then) husband changed drastically and put a lot of fear in my thinking. He passed 6 years after I divorced him and that was an issue also. Anyway, I have been listening to your recording and each day I feel better. I am so looking forward to continuing this process as I have been so disgusted with myself for being down and negative. I always felt like I had so many layers of the onion to peel that I'd never get to the bottom of my unhappiness, but now I feel like there is hope for me and I can start enjoing life and bring happiness back into it. Thanks so much!
Again, I truly appreciate what you are doing for people and know with each new person that this helps, the world will be a better, kinder place. Again Thank You!



Thank you for developing and then sharing P.S.Tec....My experience with P.S.Tec is as follows:
Some 45 years ago (I was about 7) as I was coming out of a camp ground latrine I was attacked for no known reason by a swarm of yellow jackets. They stung me on my legs numberous times, causing me severe pain. Ever since then I have had a severe phobia --I literally get feelings of panic and sever anxiety when any thing with a stinger gets near me.

To give you an idea of how bad it was, back in 1978 I was with my wife driving to our vacation camp ground. A honey bee was blown into the car and landed between us on a pillow sitting on the front seat. I was so pannicked I took my eye off the road to keep track of the bee (note we were traveling around 60 MPH). In doing so I went off the road. When I tried to bring the car back onto the road, it rolled, going airbourne, flipping upside down, bouncing off the roof and landing right -side-up, facing the opposite direction in the oncoming lane. My wife suffered a badly burised forearm. I had the top back of my scalpe taken off (balding the hard way) when my head grazed the asphalt as the car was bouncing off its roof--receiving a bad concussion. The car was totaled.

Upon coming across P.S.Tec I excitedly downloaded the files, listened to the introduction and began using the protocol.
The results of only two sessions are remarkable to say the least. I no longer have the extreme anxiety or panic when flying critters come around. It is stll there to a slight degree, but I feel working on it will completely remove any undue fear I have had for over 45 years.

Thank you for helping me to move on!
All the best,

Dear Sir,

Thank you for publishing this technique for free. I had spent all I ever had on therapy before becoming unemployed this year.
I have been in counseling since I was 19 years old. I am 47 now.

I had achieved impressive results with EFT, BSFF, TAT, and ZPOINT but none as quickly, or as complete, and none have lasted. It usually takes a year and thousands of dollars with each method and then it doesn’t usually last more than a month. I have been “treated” with CBT, Hypnosis, and all of the above and many things I can’t even remember over the years. I was diagnosed with PTSD at a young age. Diagnosed, misdiagnosed, re-diagnosed to despair. Traumatized, re-traumatized, and traumatized some more by therapists with good intentions, but without a clue.

To begin the pstec method I started slowly. I could not, would not, re-traumatize myself with the original events. Instead I used movies that brought up similar emotions
(generally horror movies). I would skip through a movie or two to acquire emotions and visual representations for triggering-- and then do the click track.

Then I would repeat until I could no longer hold on to the representations I was working with. Sometimes it took days.
Notes: PSTEC is usually incredibly rapid. Jerri's experience illutrates the benefit of persistence which may be required in a few instances but it is important to note that she was not working with the problem directly. That would have yielded much faster results but she shrewdly did what she felt she could cope with.
I cleaned up any leftovers with doyletics. I use a variation that is with my hands wide apart is my current age and together is -7 months. I could not make any lasting progress with doyletics before using the click track because my consciousness was traumatized and would go elsewhere.

I have had fantastic results. Hyper alertness is down, night terrors are down, startle response is down, now it is just a matter of time to see if it lasts.
Note from Tim. Based on experience I am positive that her results will be long lasting. With the PSTEC audio, Jerri has the tools to absolutely ensure her long term success with no financial outlay whatsoever and no further need to spend thousands on other therapies.
Thank you for this method.

Good Evening Tim,
I would like to leave some interim feedback.
I downloaded your instructions and first audio track yesterday and was really keen to try it.
I had a traumatic memory caused by my brother only a few years ago but since that date I "lived" the event and bored everyone rigid trying to analyse the situation day in and day out.
I was quite apprehensive but listened carefully to your instructions and then launched into the click track.

THE RESULT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I didn't know what to expect because when I started the level was about an 8 but it disappeared COMPLETELY I was actually laughing at the end of the track and today despite trying so hard to recall the event nothing happened.

This is really fantastic,
I have tried EFT which does work well but nothing as fast or as completely as PSTEC. Thank you very much for making this so available and free, it is an incredibly valuable resource and I look forward to future developments.

Releasing has never been so quick and devastingly efficient.
I have got several other issues to deal with and if the results are anything like my first experience it will be Utterly Amazing - Thank you so much.
Kind regards,

Hello Tim,

I have started to use your PSTEC clearing process and LOVE IT!

What I found interesting was that during the process I couldn't remember what I had been clearing on. I had such a sense of inner peace.

After my first use there was such a difference in my feelings towards a parent (I'm 45) that I have already had 3 conversations in 4 days and feel at peace after each conversation. Before using your technique I would avoid the phone calls. This is just amazing...thank you so much,
I now look forward to conversations without feeling drained of my energy.

Sending my peace, joy & harmony to you!

Dear Tim,

I tried PSTec 4 my back pain that I've had for 17 years. As I tracked the issue the pain in my back grew. I wondered @ first why it was kicking up more. Its hard 2 figure things out while I tapping and your giving directives that I was desperately trying to follow . Then it dawned on me that I found the place, or the memory where the pain has been coming from all these years.

The pain was greater while doing your audio session because I was back in the original moment in my memory, when it actually happened.
It was an auto accident. The 1st of four. started to quit because the pain was so distracting as it grew. But I knew it was just a body memory expressing itself so I kept at it.

The memory moved to 3 places because the incident moved to 3 places during and after the accident. I pushed through to the 1st memory as U kept speaking in the audio & the pain subsided. Then as my memory moved to the 2nd place of the accident, the pain returned. But , it was weaker. The same thing happened the 3rd time and the pain was completely gone.

At this point I was just trying to straighten out my tapping and get it in harmony with U because I was all out of sinc. This is really when I noticed that the pain was completely gone.

I got up & walked around and noticed my posture was erect .

My postur hadn't been erect for years. I was always slumping over because of the pain & I'm heavy too, so my weight doesn't help. But there was no pain.

Thank you for relieving years of agonizing pain.

I pray God Bless You for giving this for .Free because I truly couldn't afford it and had giving up on getting free from the pain. I'd been to doctors, pain management.Pain pills.The money is to low for medical. So the free audio was right on time. I just asked God 2 nights ago if he was going to let me go to my grave with this pain. So this Really is a God sent.
Thanks again God Bless.

Note from Tim. The feedback continues to surprise me! I did not develop the technique for releasing physical pain and I don't want to advocate it for such. But in this instance it seems to have been connected with the memory of an event. Fascinating.
My sincere thanks to Danny for having shared such an interesting use.

Hello Tim.
Thank you for sending me your Click Track. It is my second day with. Played it about 5x each day so far and I feel less anxiety in general already. I am starting to feel quieter inside, like there is more room for good things.

but I know I want more so I will give you more specifc feedback hopefully soon. ...

Please let me know about everything else you come out with in the future. I am so grateful that you have given this out so freely, Can't thank you enough.

Subsequent follow up about a week later.

Hello Tim,
I want to thank you for the click track once again. It has been a great aid in helping me release.
It started off slowly and as I continued to use it, it seemed that releasing is something that comes to me naturally now. Even durring the day, if something undesirable happens I find myself no longer interested in holding onto anything negative. My negative beliefs from the past don't seem to have much energy left.

There is one area that is the most stuborn and that is gaining self confidence when dealing with people so the shift has been that I no longer care about all those horrible thoughts I used to think about myself and other people and thier views of me.< I have come to a state of beliving in and loving myself and others 100%!!!!!!

Now I need to actually DO all the activities and interactive things I have held myself back from or done with a resistance before - I know that Doing will build confidence. I am most interested in anything that helps speed up the process of feeling confident as I do all the things that used to scare me.
Notes: I have now passed Dena the PSTEC Positive to help her accomplish this.

I feel confident that I am now an expert releaser and a positive and happy person now who loves myself and other people and have no intrest in being shy, afraid, and reserved anymore although I love my quite, softer and thoughtful nature and will never need to be an extroverted type

Thank you for all you do!

I've tried it twice so far. I have been wanting to do it every day but my schedule has kept me away from my computer. I think it's great, really.
I worked very hard on an issue that has caused me to have PTSD from a work situation and I can tell my resentment has gone down to the point where I don't think about it nearly as much - mostly when I concentrate on it just to see the level of anger. Before I thought about it almost constantly. Thanks so much. I will continue to use it and provide you with further feed back.


Hello Tim,
Thank you for this new technology. I downloaded the track yesterday and though I do not have any dramatic phobias or traumatic scenarios from my past, I do suffer from a bit of performance anxiety. As an artist I have long suffered the nagging doubt of whether I am “good enough” etc… which seems on the surface superficial, but stops me from opening myself up to my greatest potentials.

Having said that, these past few months I have been running non stop trying to meet deadlines etc... The past few weeks I have had trouble sleeping which has lead to further anxiety as I don’t operate well with out sleep. I have been incredibly energy depleted, unable to cope with the simplest of tasks. I had contracted mononucleosis about 8 years ago which wiped me out and was now beginning to think I had that again because it was the only thing I could relate my tiredness to.

Yesterday I listened to the PSTEC click track and focused on all of the negative criticism I had received from art teachers and any perceived negativity about my artistic ability and, as you say on the track it was increasingly harder and harder to conger up those feelings. I went to my studio to prepare for a class and, though still very tired noticed that I was incredibly productive and focused on what I was doing, my creativity was flowing and I was happy with my work.

Later that night, before going to bed I decided to listen to your track again, this time concentrating on the pain in my neck, which I had had for the past two weeks in one area or another, (I had been doing EFT with different levels of success as the pain lessoned but would move, the pain was now at a nagging 4 at the base of my neck). Rather than concentrating on a negative emotion or feeling I was concentrating on the pain. After the session, the pain was a lingering .5 and I was sleepy.

I woke the next morning feeling fantastic! I woke up my daughter with song, marveling at how good I felt, grateful to be back to my old self. I noticed a pain that cropped up in my hip from time to time, did the PSTEC session concentrating on that and the pain was gone. I had the best day!!! My energy was back and I was feeling, well, euphoric!!!

I was going to wait to write so I had time to work on other emotional things that crop up, but I had to thank you for this, as my energy is back and it has to do with this healing modality. For the past few months I have been doing some very deep emotional cleansing, and PSTEC has helped significantly in one day!!! Fantastic!!!

I would very much like to check out the PSTEC Positive.

Again, thank you for helping me. I am so excited to share it with others.

With love and Peace, Carol A. Kemp


I am a detail removed from the US who has always been what I considered to be "an underachiever." Always feeling "not good enough" - "not fitting in" - etc, although on the outside having a self-confident and self-assured demeanor (according to other people). I've always been hard working and conscientious, but never feeling like I deserved to get ahead. I learned EFT and BSFF years ago. I used it a LOT - made a lot of progress I thought - went back to college and finished a degree very successfully, but never did anything with it - got up the nerve to leave a very emotionally abusive -marriage some years ago and went back to work, again very successfully - and have been pretty much financially stable --- BUT still feeling like "I don't fit in" and "I always say the wrong thing" and "I'll never be able to make more money than do now." Terrible way to live.

In the past years, I also tried many, many other modalities to fix myself and overcome my feeling that I did not fit in and did not deserve to have much financially. I always considered myself to be "very poor" when I was growing up. Certainly, I was constantly humiliated and put on the spot by my more-affluent friends' parents - "So, tell us, what does your father do for a living?" etc, etc. Having their parents give me a ride home was sheer agony -- I was so ashamed of my house and especially my father. I married the only guy who stuck around after he saw my house (and met my father, who was tough on everybody).

Note: quite a number of paragraphs have been removed from the email at this point for brevity and also to ensure privacy

Then I saw a link to your PSTEC website while reading an email last night. I just had this "knowing" that something good was going to happen to me. I spent most of today thus far doing the Click Track. After the first round, the feelings of "I'm all wrong," humiliated, embarrassed, put on the spot, not as good as those people, and like a failure" went from still an 8/10 after all I had already done with the EFT, etc -- down to a 0/10. After one round!

Plus I had this glorious Ah-Ha Experience as I call it, where I thought,
"I am not the one who is all wrong. They are wrong to treat me or anybody else like that. I'm a good person and my goodness makes me all right. I just shouldn't even want to hang around with people like that. I feel sorry for them that THEY are the ones with such low self-esteem that they need to act like that to feel better about themselves." WOW.

The second round I did was on being afraid I will not have enough work/money from the new job I had planned to start in about two weeks so that I might have more time and energy to finally try to do the coaching thing on the side initially. The fear feeling went from an 8/10 down to about a 1-2/10, and I suddenly had the thought, "I am a good person and a hard worker and I am worth $150,000 a year." Which has been a dream goal for me for about a year now but totally unbelievable until just now. I've been struggling to clear $50,000.

The third round I did was on "I don't fit in here in this area, and I never fit in even when I was growing up or anywhere else since then. I always say the wrong thing." I didn't give a name to the feeling, I just felt it as strongly as I could. The initial 9/10 went down to 0/10 after only one round, and I had the thought, "How could ANYTHING I say be 'wrong' when I'm only telling my truth and what I believe."

I had a very vivid pictorial memory triggering of the man from Thursday night being just the same as a man I fell in love with when I was very young, before I got married, who really hurt me and who always made me feel like I was all wrong and everything I said was all wrong and I just wasn't good enough. And also my birth family, where I never felt like I fit in. Then I had this knowing that all these people have felt so badly about themselves that they have probably been trying to bring me down to what they perceive is their own lowly level -- but wouldn't it be better to just feel good about yourself because you're GOOD and you know it (i.e. the kind of people who are kind and feel good about themselves, the way I have really tried to be). I then had this feeling of real compassion for all of these people, along with the feeling that I really do not need to be hanging around with people like them in order to try to win them over, but rather should spend more time with the truly wonderful, loving people I now have in my life as friends and co-workers.

Then I did some more work on lack of confidence and fear about doing the coaching as a business, which was initially 20/10! That feeling I could name as "Feeling Poor and Lesser Than," and again I had a very vivid image of the house where I grew up, and it was very easy to intensely focus on the 20/10 bad feeling. This led to another 0/10 after only one round, with the thought, "I always felt like I didn't belong -- but of course I belong, became I AM -- so of course I belong -- I am here in this neighborhood, so I belong here -- I was there in that area growing up so I belonged there -- that was where I was supposed to be -- it has nothing to do with what other people think - I belonged there on Thursday evening because I was there -- God wanted me there and I was there." Totally different thinking, way of looking at the situation -- and FEELING.

I am certain that you have heard similar things from other people, but I am so excited about learning and using the PSTEC, and so grateful to you for your generosity in giving this away for free.
I don't think I would have spent any more money on any more techniques this weekend because I was just feeling so down and discouraged and also feeling unable to clear out this big dark cloud that was hanging over me for two days. So thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Best wishes and thanks again, Karen xxxxxx

hey, tim

just finished 3 sessions on a minor emotion/memory that although "intellectually" i know was minor, the neg emotion was a bitch (lol)

started on a scale 8, after 1st session down to 6, after 2nd session down to 4, after 3rd session down to 1

... Peace, Love, & Success alex

Dear Tim,
Here is the feedback I promised. I don't want to go into detail...
but I never thought I'd shake the trauma of what happened to me in my early teens. Suffice it to say that I have carried the mental scars of some truly awful experiences throughout my entire life.

I stumbled across your website quite by chance and when I noticed that it's free and can be used for self help that's when I decided I'd give it a go. Thanks for giving me access to the audio files. This morning instead of reading the papers and with no real expectation of success I took myself off to the garden and worked my way through your audio a number of times. I simply can't believe the "shift" Ive experienced. I had to work at it in total for about forty minutes but even after the first play I noticed things seemed very different so I just kept at it until there was pretty much nothing left.

Even now as I write this I can't quite believe it. The results are just incredible. Today for the first time in almost forty years I can think of those events and feel literally NOTHING! How on earth is that possible? I simply don't know what to say. This thing has me totally baffled but I will be eternally grateful.


Hi Tim

Your right it is different. I had been to a talk on the eft programme but did feel it would be little too complicated for my field of work. I must say this method will be more beneficial to certain patients. I have used it primarily for myself ...... always a good test of time .............. and must say I find it extremely effective, although a practitioner of acupuncture there are areas I know are an emotional burden and have felt alot more relaxed and happier inside since using the programme. I have played with it a little using it for recent and past experiences and working through this I have managed to pinpoint the underlying trigger.

I work as a five element traditional acupuncturist, we consider the five emotions, joy, worry, anger, fear and sadness which have an association with particular energy lines (meridians) in the body, when out of balance particular emotions will be held onto which in turn create a bigger imbalance in the body and the vicious circle begins, the emotion becoming deep seated within the patient. Due to the emotion initially creating the imbalance in the first instance, although balancing the energy line may help to balance the emotion we still have the underlying initial creation of the imbalance, this with treatment can bring the patient to the understanding and release of the creation but I do feel that with your technique it could prove to be an extremely useful tool and help to bring the patients meridians back into balance with less resistance due to recognition and release hence providing a quicker recovery rate.

Like you I do believe emotions to be the strongest point of imbalance in the body and have come to recognise the thought process to be a more powerful tool than we give it credit for. With your permission I would like to use this technique on my patients and I am sure you will agree I will choose carefully in the initial stages and monitor the response of recovery and will keep you informed.

Kind regards

Dear Tim,

I do not know how to make this shorter. :-) While reading an EFT newsletter in gmail yesterday, a little ad for your technique popped up in the sidebar. Better than EFT? I've been using EFT for about two years, and it is amazingly effective. I had to see this.

I scoured your site, downloaded the mp3's, even went and bought a little mp3 player today to listen to the files correctly.

The first thing I decided to work on is an issue that has been resistant to any approach with EFT. I am a graphic artist who has been chronically physically ill for some years, and somewhere during this time I have developed a terrible anxiety to approaching art work. I have not even been able to touch my art supplies with the intent of using them, much less do any kind of art work. I have not been able to put into words any reasons or events for this. It has been difficult to say whether I was fearful, anxious, angry, impatient, or what. It probably has something to do with feelings about spending lots of money going to art school, then getting very ill not long before graduation, and not being able to do anything with my degree. I've been stuck at home, very discouraged. All I know is, the moment I even think of getting out a sketch pad and pencils, my heart starts pounding, I break out in a sweat, my vision gets blurry, my hands shake, and my "guts" constrict to the point that I cannot even think of doing any art work by hand -- no drawing, no painting, no pen and ink -- nothing. I have been blocked this way for over eight years and have had to turn down some nice art project offers.

The last time I forced myself to make a drawing in spite of symptoms, thinking that confronting the feelings might help, I ended up with one of the worst headaches ever.

Anyway, I listened to your instruction twice. The first time through, about two-thirds of the way along, going crazy trying to concentrate and tap and open my eyes, you said something about how I would naturally agree with what you were saying because all of it was true. And I started laughing! Some strange tension drained out of my stomach. An unaccustomed relaxation came over me. My distress level the first round went from about 8 to about 4. So I tried it again. It went from 4 to about 2.

Then I decided to test it. I have been reading a book that is so descriptive, I've wanted to draw the characters and their costumes. Of course, I always broke out in the shakes over trying that.
I went and got a sketch pad. No symptoms.
Got a drawing pencil. No symptoms.
Found the description in the book. Put my hand to the paper. Only a little twinge about how to get started, then went right on and drew my character. I could feel a few little protests trying to bubble up, but it was like something kept quelling them.

My little drawing turned out very nicely, for someone who's years out of practice. And guess what? I don't seem to care what anyone may think of it. Look all you like. Criticize all you want.

All that artistic ability is still in there, waiting to get out! I'm going to keep working on this until all the aspects are taken care of.

... Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us; I know it's a labor of love.

P. S. (I am --- --------, but if you use any of this testimonial, please don't use my name.)
Note from Tim. Identities are always kept secret unless otherwise specified

Hello Tim,

I so Highly commend you for your efforts in creating this masterpiece.

I have had a terribly abusive childhood, of which the memories have haunted me for decades. I have had very low self esteem as a result.
I sought out hypnotherapy .. I bought Gary Craigs collection of EFT DVD's which had results... but the issues would resurface, and I didn't want to bother searching for underlying issues to further address as it was just too painful a process ... so I avoided it . However .. Your technique has neutralized my main issue to the point that it just does not hold the crippling charge it did for all those years. Further more .. I feel it has also addressed the underlying issues I just mentioned. It has been 2 weeks now and I feel awesome.
Thank you so much.

I have also tried NLP which did not work. Just wondering though if I could request the MP3 that instills positive suggestions ?

With much gratitude,

Andre ***********
Vancouver, Canada
please feel free to post this testimonial .. but maybe just using my first name only.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for pstec sound tracks. I just used it for one of my acute emotional problems.
I feel far better now - But I think I still need to use it a couple of more times to clear the deep memories it brought out. I noticed two things:
1) The images I see in my mind eyes when I feel the negative feelings completely turned opposite (eg: looking ugly to looking beautiful)
2) When I used the sound track for the 2nd time, it brought out deep memories of trauma - I have used EFT so many times to clear away these memories and I thought I did. But seems like they are still there and need to be cleared.
I really appreciate your service

Hi Tim,

I've only used it once so far. It's very different from the techniques I use, but I can see interesting similarities as the problem dissipates.

When we use Tapas Acupressure Technique, we have the client hold onto a picture or phrase while holding a pose touching several pressure points. One of the indicators to tell when you're "done" that step is when you can't hold onto the image.

I started laughing about halfway through the session because I could feel the distance start to increase between what I was thinking of and where it felt I was in relationship to it. I kept losing contact with it. This is very much like the experiences I've had with TAT.

I've already recommended it to a few people who I am sure could benefit from it. ...

Now another question for you. Do you plan on having this translated? The part of Canada I live in is very bilingual, so a French version would be a hit here. ...
("The answer to this question is in the FAQ")
... I've done a lot of work just in my training so I actually have trouble finding things to work on where I can feel a big shift. I can assure you however that It definitely worked for me.

I also wanted to say thank you for your generosity in giving this away freely. There is obviously a lot of work behind this.

Be well

(Note from Tim: What Bill refers to as TAT is an abreviation for Tapas Acupressure Technique)

Hi Tim,
Thank you for following up with me. I have had the opportunity to use the audio once so far and was hoping to use it at least a couple of times more before responding to you.
I can tell you that I was both surprised and impressed with the results of just one use and am anxious to use it more. Perhaps my next "session" need to be on the feeling that I never have any time for myself. :-)
Yes, it takes concentration and effort, but at the same time, I found it soothing and relaxing.

Thank you,


Hi Tim

......, decided to do some more research on the meridian tapping and came across your site..

Well, I have been in the middle of challenge with my family since the recent death of my Dad and money and all that "good stuff" that comes from sibling rivalry. And this morning I did your little process since I tend to wake up with the "Ego-Mind" chatter taking over.....Well, I could NOT get it to come back....thank-you-very-much. Had a 10 and went to 0.

Then later on today I did another session on a early life thing that I could never shift in spite of all the tapping I did. Well I had an 8 when I put my attention on it and it went down to a 0. I know I still have some stuff on it but I am most excited over your "frickin" 10 minute process. A few more of your 10 minute wonders and I have a feeling I will reach core blockage....or something totally unrelated and probably hidden will pop up.

However I AM SO PLEASED with myself !

I am most interested in the positive programming that you have to offer. I do Master minding from Mary Reynolds

...and somehow or other would like to incorporate your little tool while I am doing the Masterminding in my group sessions. I'd like to make your sessions a prerequisite to doing a Master Mind session.

Thank you so much for "appearing" in my "field".

And BTW I just love Artificial Intelligence. heartfelt gratitude,

Miriam CT USA

Hi Tim,

Naufal again, How are you doing? When I checked FAQ in your website I got the answer for my below query. (writer's reference to previous email)
After listening to the first audio for 4 times,my uncontrollable anger came down from level 8 to level 2 and after I heard the second audio it is not there at all...

...I have already suggested PSTEC to my NLP trainer ...I hope she will find it useful too and use it in her sessions as well.

Once again thank you for your amazing invention for the REAL CHANGE!

Thanks and regards,

Hi Tim,

I wish I could shake your hand, but I’m in Perth, West Australia so that makes it a bit tricky!

I tried your pstec system and although I wasn’t sceptical, I wasn’t prepared at all for the results that I had! Negative feelings and thoughts that I associated with my Step-father and an abusive ex-boyfriend have been completely eradicated. I had trained myself to not think about these people purely to avoid the feelings they dredged up, but now I don’t have any feelings for them at all…utterly brilliant!

I don’t think words can express how grateful I am that I can now get on with my life and know that I have this tool to use whenever I need to clean out unwanted feelings and negative thoughts.

Also, I was wondering if you took donations for your cause. Obviously, the time and effort you have put into researching and developing this system has been extensive and I am in awe of your generosity, so in turn I would like to give back to you.
It is possible to donate but there is no need. I released PSTEC for the greater good.

Many, many thanks and warm regards,

Caroline ********

Hello Tim - and a BIG thank you!

I've been using PSTec with amazing results. I'm the author of and my passion is finding easy fun ways to stay in the flow of Good Fortune. Fear and trauma are the biggest barriers to living a fortunate, extraordinary life. PSTec is the FASTEST relief I've found, for not just me, but everyone.

Your gift of PSTec is such a blessing to so many - I've added a page to my site inviting visitors to join in. I've gotten excellent feedback on a number of interesting topics. I've listed them here briefly, with the full discussion on my site.

Following are recaps of insights and experiences from the Quick Good Fortune community.

1. Coping with criticism and harsh judgment: ...I didn't know all of the reasons. I started with feeling anxious about criticism - and in one session I felt calm…

2. Compulsive eating….PSTec blasted through it.

3. Investor renting a property….I felt like a dark spot in my mind floated off and I felt a relief and calm."

4. Recurring headache: …I felt trapped…Now I feel free to solve my money shortage….

5. Resentment at work: ….After PSTEC I saw how that loss could really work to my advantage…

6. Family rage: ….PSTEC brought me from rage and resentment to tranquility.

7. Fear of making poor decisions: …. I saw I didn't trust me the same way that I couldn't trust my parents….I feel the tension draining out.

8. Losing 20 pounds: ….I don't respect myself - or like myself much....PSTEC can eliminate this idea….

9. I've been using it and can feel it working. I'm more relaxed around my BIG goals and looking for opportunities rather than excuses.

Thanks again Tim - PSTEC is an amazing process and your sharing it FREE is a huge gift to so many. I'm excited to be a part of spreading the good news.

Good Fortune! Cheryl Janecky

Cheryl has posted full details of these and other user experience with PSTEC on her website


All of this feedback and more was received in just the first few weeks. After that it became fairly pointless posting any more because these already cover lots of issues and amply demonstrate what people have had to say about PSTEC. Because the the uses to which you can put PSTEC are so incredibly varied it would be impossible to cover them all, or to post what could be considered typical feedback. They are included here for interest only.

Identities NEVER revealed unless otherwise instructed in writing.

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