A Personal Account Of How To Start And Use PSTEC

You may find the following account of PSTEC useful. It has been kindly supplied by Samantha Carr in the UK. (Samantha is a therapist and also an author)

This account explains in a very personal way, why she became a user of PSTEC and she shares some of the ways in which she has beeen able to use it successfully. This includes some helpful advice about how to use of the tracks for best results.

"I came across PSTEC whilst searching on the internet one day for more information about EFT and weight loss. I am a keen user of EFT and have experienced amazing shifts – both physically and emotionally using that technique. However, there are several stubborn areas which I am sure most people have, which do not always respond quickly to EFT. The reason for that can often be ‘secondary benefits’ and our subconscious very kindly blocks the answer for us so that we cannot release the problem.

    ‘Secondary benefits’ is the concept that some part of you believes that holding onto the problem is better for you than releasing it. The reason can be as simple as not feeling ready for change or ready to put yourself out there, so it is safer to stay where you are – with the familiar. On a conscious level we can be absolutely adamant that we want change but unconsciously we have a memory or feeling which blocks us from that change.

    As this is mostly unconscious, we often have no idea what that memory or feeling is, with EFT you can sometimes access that memory or feeling through the tapping and bring it into conscious awareness. This can be fun to do and brings about excellent shifts, however, for some of us and on some issues, the problem remains blocked. This is where PSTEC comes into play. PSTEC is different to EFT in that you do not tap on specific areas of the body and it is not an energy psychology technique.

    The basic format is that you download FREE audio tracks and listen to them whilst following Tim’s instructions. At first this seems odd, but if you have been using EFT – you’re way past the ‘feeling odd’ stage anyway. Tim talks you through the actions which you need to take whilst focussing in on the particular feeling. PSTEC works great with either specific or general feelings – as long as you have a feeling or a memory.

    I have found that the ‘click tracks’ as they are called, take you pretty much instantly to the memory that you need to deal with. The key here is not to dismiss that memory, as I did at first, thinking – ‘Oh, it can’t possibly be that as it was so minor’. I have been taken to memories like that using PSTEC to find many layers of negative emotions which have then been washed away. I do sometimes use EFT afterwards to bring about more cognitive shifts because I am the type of person who likes to understand how my thoughts and feelings are connected.

    One example was when I used PSTEC on feeling exhausted at being a new mum, I was frustrated that my daughter was still waking twice a night for feeds at 4 and a half months and that I had not had a night’s sleep in that time. I am sure many people can relate to that. I ran the track on the feeling and immediately was taken straight back to the experience of my daughter’s birth. Now, any mother will tell you that over time the memory of the birth fades; its nature’s trick so that we go on and do it again! I had thought after the birth that I would never forget the horrific experience of the birth, all those feelings of loss of control, pain, fear etc...

    However, over the following months the memory had started to fade and I assumed it had been ‘dealt with’ as I had also used EFT on the experience. But as soon as I ran the click track on that exhaustion I was whooshed back into the labour room and was in floods of tears. I continued the track as I realised instantly that holding onto these negative emotions was contributing to my exhaustion. I ran the click track 3 times as I worked through the labour, the days before the labour whilst the doctors were trying to induce me and all the various aspects that came up which appeared to me as a ‘movie’. Once I finished I felt tired but also lifted. That night I went to bed and my daughter only woke once!

    In another example, I started running the PSTEC click track on the feeling of not being able to lose weight. As many dieters will know – DIETS DON’T WORK – or rather they do, for a few months and then you pile the weight on again. This is because, as I mentioned above, the subconscious really truly does believe that you NEED to hold onto this weight – it is serving you on some emotional level. It is hard to fathom that the extra weight is serving you when all you want is to be slim and to love your body whilst looking in the mirror but it is true.

    I ran the click track and waited for the memory to come up as I did not have a specific memory to work with. I was then shown the memory of when I had previous tried and failed to lose weight and been frustrated that my friends had lost weight and I had not. That cleared quickly and I was taken to another memory which I almost dismissed as too trivial – a great way for the subconscious to protect us from emotions is to make us think they are ‘too trivial’ and therefore we don’t realise we need to work on that.

    The particular memory was from 13 years previously, when I had in fact been very slim. I had taken an exam for my work which was paid for by my employer and meant that I could get a promotion. It included 3 written papers and a practical exam. I am the sort of person who has rarely failed anything because I am very driven. I passed the written exams but failed the practical test. The worst part was the fact that everyone at work knew I had failed and I felt deep embarrassment. I was reassured by my colleagues that some of them had failed the first time and in fact they felt the exam board was being political due to issues in our department.

    Of course, that reassurance did not affect the feelings of embarrassment and being a failure that I felt. Those feelings were as real 13 years later as they were on that day. I ran the click track twice and cleared those feelings and this created cognitive shifts. For the first time I felt happy with myself that I had passed the 3 written tests! I noticed how it did not affect my career as I did well at my job anyway and felt so much lighter about the situation.

    I have many other examples of how PSTEC has worked for me in clearing negative feelings and memories connected to issues that I am working on and I have only been using PSTEC for a few weeks. I have only been using the free tracks for the most part, I have used the PSTEC positive (PSTEC Level 1) to work towards some more positive shifts, but as anyone who has worked in this area of healing knows – when you clear out the negative, the positive shifts happen anyway.

    Whilst using the tracks I have noticed that I yawn constantly and my eyes water which signifies to me a release on a deep level. I have also felt so much more positive and even found myself singing away to myself. I have also begun eating smaller portions without even thinking about it.

    I thoroughly recommend using PSTEC – you have nothing to lose but your negative memories and best of all the first click tracks are FREE!!!"

    Samantha Carr (Author & Therapist)

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