Tim Phizackerley's PSTEC / Hypnosis Training Services 2015

If you're a therapist lacking confidence, feeling unskilled, or stuck reading scripts, then it can all easily be addressed in a bespoke masterclass. These masterclass training sessions are offered on a one to one training basis but I can work with small groups too. I can train you in easy and effective hypnotherapy, hypnosis, PSTEC and combining them. Unlike most trainers I have a Bachelor of Education Honours Degree. In other words I actually spent 4 years learning how to deliver training properly and how best to teach people any kind of material.

One day courses are on request and one to one.

Just tell me what you want to accomplish, ask whatever questions you like and get training to meet your specific requirements. Whatever you want. Inductions / deepeners / suggestion / regresssion / analysis / reframing / how to be effective with clients / successful marketing / hypnosis for sales or advertising etc...
Whatever you need, I'll freely share my knowledge to give you what you absolutely need to know.
Dates flexible to suit you. POA - Price depends upon requirement and also my schedule.

Example Choices below but just ask if there is something you have a particuar interest in.