PSTEC Level 1

How To Resolve Almost Any Problem Fast By Using PSTEC
(More Powerful Tools Included)

Introducing PSTEC Level 1 from
Tim Phizackerley the inventor and creator of PSTEC

The free PSTEC therapy system will almost certainly amaze you but it's really just the tip of the iceberg. Now I can show you all the various ways to get the very best out of it.

The purpose of this PSTEC Level 1 package is to show you step by step exactly how you can use PSTEC in the most successful ways to make your life better. This is about teaching you exactly how to make the very most of the free system. And on this audio I want to give you even more powerful PSTEC tracks as well!

You will learn how to use PSTEC for better relationships, or to get a better job, or to perform better at pretty much anything. And you'll also learn how to deal with problems systematically.

As well as getting two highly detailed tutorials you will also get 4 more powerful PSTEC click tracks which were not included on the free system. These extra tracks include enhanced effectiveness PSTEC, and also tools for changing beliefs as well as feelings.

There is a ton of other important information, methods and full instructions to make self help or therapy as effective easy, fast and successful as you want it to be. You'll be shown many many different and unexpected ways to use PSTEC to make life better in the shortest time.

Basically, PSTEC Level 1 is designed to help you learn how to make problem resolution look effortless and also to allow you to create change in the easiest and most effective way posssible. That's why I put all of this together for you. The contents of this audio are here to show you how to completely resolve all manner of problems in a way that has now been tested by people right around the World (see feedback for confirmation).

"absolutely amazing"
Lou Ravelle (Therapist - Spain) - Lou is now retired

"It really does work brilliantly... I was totally blown away by the sheer power of it."
Trev Holloway. EFT Therapist (Merseyside)

What you get when you buy PSTEC Level 1
When you decide to purchase the PSTEC level 1 (2.5 hours) package you get all of the following:

1. The Therapy Guide
(Therapists learn how to use PSTEC with paying clients.
Self helpers learn how to be your own therapist)
2. More Powerful Click Tracks (Different and important click tracks)
3. Success with PSTEC (Self help or therapy) Perhaps the most important tutorial of all.
4. PSTEC Positive Instructions (For self help and therapists)
5. The PSTEC Positive Click Tracks (Different and important positive click tracks)

Keeping things simple
By keeping things straightforward, mistakes are avoided. This is why on PSTEC Level 1 the information you need is laid out in simple but effective steps.
In fact this package is all about taking you through things, step by step, to give you the confidence you need. Personally, I think this tutorial is absolutely essential, simply because it covers so much, and it will help you use PSTEC in ways you just wouldn't have thought of otherwise. You will also get the 4 more powerful tracks included as well. (I could have split them and sold them separately but I want to give you great value so they are included)
And for therapists, investing just a small amount in learning to have one success after another just makes sense. As an additional bonus for practising therapists this audio package will also qualify you to advertise as being "PSTEC Level 1" trained. (For your insurnce purposes we advise then taking an examination via the PSTEC Register in order to get proper certification.)

"Hi Tim
Just to let you know that I had 5 clients in yesterday, and with 4 of them, I only used Pstec for the session.

* Lady with long standing anxiety that I’ve seen for over 15 sessions during the last 2 years. Round 1, sud 7 went to 3 and the thoughts were the same, but the feelings were diminished. Then round 2, sud 3 stayed at 3, the thoughts were still there, but could not bring up their feelings.

* Male client with sexual anxiety problems. Very analytical in nature. Seen him for a prolonged period with very little progress/ or shift in the anxiety. Started with working on these thoughts - Round 1 sud 9 to 4, round 2 sud 4 to 3 no feedback apart from confusion, round 3 worked on the anxiety, sud 10 to 2. Feedback was the "the tape made an amazing difference, thank you so much"

* Newish client with extreme angry/violent issues. Round 1 sud 7 to 3, round 2 sud 3 to 1. Feedback, feels really silly about the outbursts, has small flashbacks, but cant seem to grab hold of them in his mind!

* Lady I’ve seen for 6 sessions regarding PSTD, panic attacks, anxiety. Worked in anxiousness. Round 1 sud 8 to 3, Round 2, sud 3 to 0. Feedback, can see the event still, but dissociated now, with no feelings. Confusion, like it’s happened to someone else.

So 4 very different cases and incredible results. Feels like the technique of choice now! ...

Many thanks Tim, can’t wait to try it out on other stuff, as well as the smoking version one day!


"No medications come close and certainly no theraputic procedures come close"
Kaben Starre (Hypnotherapist) Arizona

What's Covered?

  • On the tutorials:-
  • Discover what PSTEC can really do especially by making use of the extra powerful tracks (included)
  • How to be completely successful with PSTEC
  • Working other people through the process
  • Working yourself through the process correctly
  • How to bypass problems so they don't occur in the first place
  • Analytical people and PSTEC
  • Learn how PSTEC and why works so powerfully
  • How to use the free "PSTEC stretch" process - details included
  • How to get exceptional results, reliably
  • Hints and tips from the creator of PSTEC
  • How to deal effectively with lots of problems
  • Emotions and memories and how to deal with them
  • Understanding the difference between unconscious and subconscious and why it's relevant
  • How to use for effective therapy
  • How to use for effective self help
  • Different approaches to identical problems
  • Importance of imagined outcomes
  • How to avoid failures and mistakes
  • Discover how to make success much faster and much easier...
  • etc...

"I am delighted with the results I'm getting from PSTEC for a whole range of issues. It's quick and it's extremely predictable. I'm sure you are going to change the lives of many thousands of therapists and their clients."
Keith Jefford www.keithjeffordhypnotherapy (Havering, England)

"Hi Tim, Wow I've spent quite a bit of time learning your system in the last few days and I haven't been this excited about a therapy since I stumbled upon Gary Craig's EFT site years ago."
Andy Eckley (Bowen, EFT & Reiki Master, St Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire, England)

Everyone has a right to feel good about themselves and so this audio also shows you how to use PSTEC for all of the following:

  • Eliminate personal blocks
  • Deal with any problems of your own
  • Enhance your enjoyment of life
  • Have better relationships
  • Enjoy more intimacy
  • Remove limitations
  • Achieve personal goals
  • Increase your personal success and happiness

"I have moved through so much 'stuff' that I feel like a new person. I'm so very grateful that I found your site. I have used this on all my clients since I got it. Everyone has had good results."
Jane Girouard. (Therapist) Tel. (519) 937-0417 London, Ontario, Canada.

The 4 more powerful tracks included on this package

You will get the following:
Two more powerful click tracks (The EEFs). I've included these simply because I think need them. (Use these in combination with the free ones to resolve issues which would otherwise be resistant.)
And you will also receive the 2 special and very important PSTEC Positive click tracks which are included with level 1. (You'll learn how to use them, when you listen to the tutorial you get with this program.)

Bonus: Therapists who study this can get the letters "PSTEC Level 1" after their name*
*To qualify for the letters "PSTEC Level 1":
1) You must have studied the PSTEC Level 1 audio
2) You must be insured to offer therapy interventions to your clients.

"Just Brilliant"
(Mike Wells, Morecambe Hypnotherapy Centre. PSTEC Practitioner (England)
Phone: 07735089653 Email:"

PSTEC Can Be Used For Phone Therapy

PSTEC therapists can coach clients anywhere in the world.
Remember. PSTEC therapists can be found easily by joining the PSTEC Register too.


Summary Of Benefits For Therapy

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand
  • Extremely powerful techniques
  • Resolve an incredible variety of problems
  • Make your working life easier
  • Create success where everything else has failed
  • Eliminate expensive mistakes
  • Avoid time consuming preparation
  • Get more clients by working with problems you wouldn't have before
  • No need to wear out your voice doing therapy anymore
  • Avoid having to cancel sessions if you're "under the weather"
  • A huge amount of quality information with bonus audio included free
  • Excellent for publicity - because it's so reliable.
    (For example: Study this. Then undertake to resolve problems in minutes for the local newspaper)
  • Make therapy easier and far more successful than it used to be
  • Combine it with your existing methods
  • Out perform other therapists
  • Make more money
  • Have an "ace up your sleeve" for when you really need it
  • Create success to order and on whatever timescale you decide
  • Use of the letters and logo "PSTEC Level 1"*
  • Ability to work with clients around the world
  • Avoid failures
  • Create happy and successful clients
  • Get more referrals

Summary Of Benefits For Self Help

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand
  • Extremely powerful techniques
  • Resolve an incredible variety of problems
  • Make your life easier and happier
  • Create successes where everything else has failed
  • Discover the benefit of persistence in the right way
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Resolve problems you haven't before
  • Change your beliefs
  • Be empowered

A quick reminder of what you will get with PSTEC Level 1 (latest version)

1. The Therapy Guide (Therapy or self help)
2. More Powerful Click Tracks (Different and important click tracks)
3. Success with PSTEC + PSTEC Positive Instructions (Self help or therapy)
4. The PSTEC Positive Click Tracks (Different and important positive click tracks)

1. The Therapy Guide (therapy or self help)
(Approx 1 hr)
This audio is written from a therapists perspective but if you're doing self help then you also need it. With the therapy guide included, you get simple and easy to understand ways to use the process with your self and also with other people (clients, friends or family). This guide lays out the simplest and best ways to get excellent results.

Topics covered include:
# How far can you go with PSTEC?
# Why PSTEC was created and why it's important
# How to coach people so you and they will be completely successful
# Taking yourself or someone else through the process
# How to bypass problems so they don't occur
# The very best way to play the audio
# You'll learn exactly why PSTEC works
# The PSTEC stretch process and why you really need to know about it
# How to get exceptional results reliably
# Hints and tips from the creator of PSTEC
# Why emotions and memories are important and how to work with them best
# Understanding the difference between unconscious and subconscious
# The best strategies for resolving problems
# Different ways to solve identical problems
# Importance of imagined outcomes
# How to avoid mistakes and be successful
# How to make correcting problems easy
# and much much more.

Professional therapists and counsellors may use the letters "PSTEC Level 1" and the appropriate logo after studying this audio

2. More Powerful Click Tracks.
(Approx 28 minutes)
These extra powerful click tracks which are included her for you are different from the free ones and are extremely important when working with certain issues.

There are 2 EEf click tracks included
# Enhanced Effectiveness Click Track 1
# Enhanced Effectiveness Click Track 2

3. Success with PSTEC + PSTEC Positive (self help or therapy)
(Approx 1 hour)
This second tutorial is audio is written from a self help perspective to help you make sense of things. It's included to show you how to make self help (or therapy) easy, effective and powerful and how to apply this to whatever problems you need to resolve.
This tutorial is "jam packed" with countless practical real world examples so this audio will to teach you how to transform your life or someone else's using the PSTEC audios in practical and effective ways that work.

Topics covered include:
# Depression
# Long Term use of PSTEC
# Investing in self
# How to eliminate personal blocks
# Dealing with any problems of your own
# Enhancing your enjoyment of life
# Weight loss
# Increasing your confidence
# How to have better and more successful relationships
# How to get a better job
# How to release yourself from limitations
# How to achieve personal goals
# How to increase your personal success and happiness
# Another simple but powerful technique
# When to use the Enhanced Effectiveness Click Tracks
# Introducing PSTEC Positive (a completely different and extremely powerful PSTEC process)
# Exactly what PSTEC Positive is used for
# Examples of use
# Full instructions
# How to use PSTEC Positive (1st method)
# How to use PSTEC Positive (2nd method)

4. The PSTEC Positive Click Tracks
(Approx 9 minutes)
These are completely unlike the free click tracks. Just as powerful they are used to create positive change with ease.
# PSTEC Positive Click Track 1
# PSTEC Positive Click Track 2

One last thought
Elsewhere on this website I give the free system away to prove PSTEC works. You can check that for yourself at no cost. But life is important, as is getting the very most from it, so I urge you to study the feedback from real people, and then ask yourself what investment of time you are prepared to make in yours.
PSTEC Level 1 is meant to be truly transformational, and is perhaps the most important thing I ever recorded. I hope you enjoy it.

"Life changing, thank you"


Approx 2hrs & 30mins

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PS. You're about to get years of work handed to you on a plate. When you start using these methods I'm sure you will be astounded after you discover for yourself just how effective this is and if you're a therapist then just one happy client will send you more far more business than the cost of this audio. Buy this for work and it should be 100% tax deductable.

Unless otherwise stated views expressed are those of the author