PSTEC Survey Results 2011

In 2011 a survey was undertaken into the effectiveness of PSTEC as rated by therapists counsellors and coaches. This page gives the conclusions and also provides more information on the survey.

Survey conclusion in brief:

87% of therapists, counsellors and coaches rated PSTEC as being very effective.
(Survey undertaken August 2011)


The survey studied the effectiveness of PSTEC in treating emotional conditions. The survey included therapists, counsellors and coaches located in various countries around the world who had studied PSTEC. Based on their experience of using PSTEC, participants were asked to rate the effectiveness of PSTEC in treating emotional conditions.

Of those who took part, 87% rated PSTEC as being very effective.

Half of the remaining 13% said they hadn't given PSTEC sufficient use to make a proper assessment.

Only one person rated PSTEC as not effective. The person who rated it as not effective stated that they had not used it.

How were participants selected?

Even though it may have resulted in a larger sample size, it was deemed important not to directly select participants so as not to skew the results. A simple process was followed. An email went out to those who had accessed PSTEC tutorials for study and who were also therapists, coaches or counsellors etc. They were invited to participate in the survey and to express their opinion regarding the effectiveness of PSTEC in treating emotional conditions. As a long time user of the techniques, the creator of PSTEC also submitted a return.

Further notes:

Percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number for reasons of clarity.

Please note, it should not be concluded that the survey demonstrates an actual percentage success rate for PSTEC since further research would be required for such an assessment.

Suggested further action:

Given the hugely impressive success rating, independent testing by university psychology or neuroscience departments would be very welcome and is invited. Further studies with larger survey sizes are also recommended.

Original survey data is available for inspection by advertising standards agencies.

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