PSTEC In Schools

The mainstream media are yet to report on the important and amazing results being obtained in schools.
In the meantime parents and teachers need to know. The following pages show the results of specialist bespoke PSTEC tools in schools.
Please share this page and the following pages with every teacher and parent that you know!

efore skipping through to the PSTEC in Schools website please also take the time to read the following important information.

Specialist and bespoke PSTEC tools and solutions are being used in a number of pilot schools in the UK.

On the next pages you will see and read the stunning feedback from the schools themselves. Pilot schools have attested to fast, powerfully beneficial and highly repeatable results.

To ensure that only the correct tools and methods are used with students, the use of PSTEC in a school environment does require a special licence from PSTEC. It also requires access to specialist PSTEC tools and training. Without that in place, such use is prohibited and this is for the protection of schools and students.

In the UK, psychologist Peter Owen has been heading up the initial work.

As already mentioned there are special PSTEC tools and techniques for use in schools.

Also for 2017 there is a special PSTEC system which schools can access under a special licence agreement in order to obtain the best possible exam results for their students.

The younger generation is important and they will shape our future. This highly important work would now benefit from press attention so if you know a journalist please tell them about this work.

Remember to watch and read the real life testimonies from the schools using PSTEC™.