PSTEC In The Trenches
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First Enjoy The Free PSTEC Interview Recording…

Depression and Even Suicidal Thoughts Handled Quickly and Easily by this PSTEC Master Practitioner
FREE PSTEC Interview – Peter Owen

Peter has authored “PSTEC in the Trenches” and is sharing some of his insights about dealing with some of the toughest issues using PSTEC

In this audio, Peter will share:

  • How he helped a gentleman whose problem of not being able to urinate in a public toilet affected almost every part of his life.
  • Some of Peter’s personal techniques in moving his clients away from limiting beliefs… very interesting.
  • How he begins when working with someone who carries severe depression and is even suicidal.
  • A simple technique to help release emotional pain for those suffering from low self esteem, including eating disorders.
  • And much, much more.

Thanks Peter for sharing your tips, suggestions and experiences with us!

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Peter Owen, BSc, Dip hyp, MBIH

Now discover even more tips, suggestions and perspectives from a PSTEC Master Practitioner…
PSTEC in the Trenches

You can order Peter’s ebook, “PSTEC in the Trenches”… downloadable in pdf form. There are also mp3 audios of Peter reading the ebook to you (2 hours of audio). For the ebook and the mp3 downloads, click the button below…
This is genuine therapist experience of using PSTEC with real clients from Master Practitioner Peter Owen

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