Dear Tim,

I listened to the "Positive Empowered" track last night and was "blown away" . I plan on doing this every night before I go to bed and recommend everyone do this. It really is remarkable.

I'd be great if you would come out with a whole series of hypnosis tracks.

My story starts about 2 months ago with finally deciding to invest money in myself. I found a local hypnotist and finally took the plunge and plopped down my savings for a chance to change my life. (over $100 for one session)
I was told my problem would be quickly eliminated. However, my worst fears came true after I didn't notice any change.

I was told to repeat an affirmation everyday for 30 days. Then the story changed and I needed another session.

I was desperate and I wanted to change so badly that I plopped down more money for another session. Again, no progress whatsoever.

The hypnotist that told me that I needed to repeat my suggestions that she wrote in red ink for 30 days in order for it to be effective. Needless to say, I did so for 30 days and didn't get anything out of it.

Anyway, I purchased the your positive empowered hypnotic track today and it is quite amazing.

I was listening to it for not even 5 minutes into it and I got interrupted by the phone ringing.

When I got up and I felt like I had been sleeping for hours and my previous sad feeling I had before I started (like 3 minutes earlier) was gone.

I was so taken back by it that I could barely speak to the person talking to me on the phone. ...You're so amazing at what you do.

I've been telling everyone about this package, recommending to do it every day. It's just what the doctor ordered.


Dan (California - USA)

(Please Note: Dan sent two emails. The original email correspondence from Dan was rather long and there was some repetition in places so this email has been shortened for clarity)

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