PSTEC and day trading in shares

One way to start your PSTEC journey is to realise that negative emotions affect all kinds of human behaviours. Here is an interesting use for the PSTEC audios... that of day trading in shares. For those that do not know, day trading is the practice of buying and selling shares within the confines of a single day and this is something that quite a number of people are actively engaged in. Almost always day traders will make decisions based on the application of system and although systems may be useful, when humans use them emotions can significantly interfere with the application of the system in sound ways.

To be a successful day trader it's really important to have a handle on your emotional state. Without the psychology right, your emotions will have a significant and potentially negative or even catastrophic impact on your business. In severe cases emotions out of control, especially fear can be paralysing and may even prevent trading completely.

The two most significant emotions that day traders must learn to handle well are greed and also fear. The ability to manage these is essenntial for anyone to be successful as a day trader.

PSTEC is designed to release people from fears and all kinds of negative emotions. of course when day trading the most significant fear is that of making a loss. This is a natural response to the trading environment in which money can indeed be lost. But measuring risk and making sound decisions become all but impossible if the fears are too great. Fortunately it is more than possible to have a rational level of caution without fear and this is where PSTEC can really score. If you find yourself struggling with irrational fears related to trading or even anxiety or guilt related to past or future trades then you can use the free click tracks to mitigate them.

Another emotion that PSTEC can be used with is greed. Too much greed makes us do things you would not normally do and it's often greed that causes traders to hold positions longer than they should or to make trades that are just too risky. Remember that PSTEC can be used to neutralise these emotions. The only caution here is that to trade successfully, traders need a certain level of greed otherwise they would not be trading at all.

Greed and fear are both emotions that you might want to control most and now PSTEC provides an easy way to do this. You can start by using the free click tracks (be sure to listen to the instructions first) and then after you discover just how well PSTEC works you can move onto some of the optional extras if you wish.

Does PSTEC really neutralise emotions? Well if you read the user feedback you'll find countless confirmaations that it can. Here is just one example:

Hi Tim,

Wow! Thank you for your amazing system. In just the first use, I felt relief in the first few minutes. In fact, by the end of the track, I was simply unable to call up the negative feelings!
It's so simple, you are making it possible for anyone to help themselves be free of all those negative and troubling emotions. I can't wait to use the audio again to begin clearing so much of what holds a person back. My husband has also used your system with outstanding results in just a few applications. I have already sent your website link to my brother and will share it with everyone. We all have to deal with bad memories and emotions that hurt us and hold us back.


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