How Your Brain Can Keep You Well

Pharmaceutical companies are delighted to sell you endless expensive cold remedies. And they'll happily take your money year on year. Do you really think they want to end the highly profitable round of viruses that cause you to dig deep for pills and potions every year?

In the USA, approximately 4.2 billion dollars are spent annually on vitamins and cold remedies, but Americans still catch an estimated 1 billion colds each year!

By contrast, cutting edge scientific experiments *(ref 1) have absolutely proved that your immunity is powerfully affected by your brain. Unfortunately, nobody is going to advertise that fact on TV with a colourful advert because there's no money in it.
So use your brain right now to realise that maybe you've only been fed one message, and maybe you don't have to catch as many colds as you have been doing. And of course with suggestion, your mind can also be encouraged to make you feel much better anyway by setting your inner perceptions and responses.

This PSTEC system was designed to: increase your immunity, to reduce frequency, and to minimise symptoms. This system makes use of what's been found in the research on the abilities you already possess to fight or avoid infection. And it goes further.

Importantly, because this system is designed to be preventative this means you need to be using it right now, immediately ....or at least as soon as you have any current infection out of the way.

PSTEC For The Common Cold
(Approx 73 Minutes. Tutorial + Hypnotic Track. Filesize: Approx 39mb)
Contains a full tutorial and preventative hypnosis track designed to reduce the frequency and severity of colds and flu. For adults only. Use when well in a safe environment and do not operate machinery when you listen.

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No medication. No food supplements. Buy it now. Use it forever!   :)

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*(1) For details of the psychoneuroimmunolgy research go here.