Click Tracks Made Simple!

The PSTEC therapy system is in use all over the World. Maybe you’ve only just just been introduced to the amazing and hugely popular FREE PSTEC therapy system or maybe you've been using it for a while. But where do you start with PSTEC? What can be achieved? What are common mistakes? And what are the limitations if any?

This easy to understand 2nd programme, is here to really get you off to a great start, and allow you to make most use of the free system. Whatever your experience, get new ideas by hearing in depth answers to common questions and also get the best results with the free PSTEC system.

HERE are some of the answers you'll get with this programme…

     "I used it over and over again and I am quite familiar with the tones, can PSTEC lose effectiveness?"
(This question is answered on "Click Tracks Made Simple")

     "I am releasing unpleasant feelings totally. They're completely gone now, but there’s a problem because there aren’t good feelings on those issues to replace them. I’m sort of feelingless about that now. What else can I do for this?"
(This question is answered on "Click Tracks Made Simple")

     "The ratings on my feelings are not going down… what do I do?"
(This question is answered on "Click Tracks Made Simple")

     "I don’t seem to have much emotion or I have trouble feeling emotions while I try to click track them. What can I do?"
(This question is answered on "Click Tracks Made Simple")

     "My mind keeps wandering. Is it a problem? And is it making PSTEC non-effective?"
(This question is answered on "Click Tracks Made Simple")

     "I have very few memories of childhood. How do I use the Click Tracks with this limitation?"
(This question is answered on "Click Tracks Made Simple")

     And many more questions are answered… in fact, there are over 19 questions answered in detail in this audio recording.

     We have also included a pdf handout that lists the questions along with the timed location in the audio, so you'll be able to quickly fast forward to any particular question you desire.

The World’s 2 greatest experts in PSTEC™ therapy have put their heads together to answer your questions and provide you with the quickest fastest primer ever.

This will take you through the basics of successful self help and change. It explores how you should use the PSTEC Click tracks to give yourself the best outcomes in the easiest ways.

After listening:

     You’ll know exactly how to use the free PSTEC therapy system & in ways you hadn't thought of.
     You’ll know how to avoid the commonest mistakes.
     You’ll understand the core principles of successful self help – for a happier life.
     You’ll learn about the absolute essentials of easy change.
     You’ll discover how to absolutely ensure that the free therapy system will work it's best for you.

We want you to enjoy the finest results and enjoy life more easily, so sit back, relax and let "PSTEC Click Track Therapy Made Simple" guide you all the way.

A companion to the free therapy system

More than 1.5 hours of expert guidance to help you.

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