Bulimia treatment... making use of PSTEC

This audio is a large and comprehensive self help system for bulimia nervosa. It incorporates many other strategies as well as PSTEC and for this reason it's an optional extra.

Note: As a therapist I have specialised in treating Bulimia Nervosa for a number of years.

As my ability to correct bulimia has become more and more well known my prices have risen substantially. For this reason and in order to make sure that nobody was "priced out" I created a complete self help audio system for correcting bulimia nervosa. It's that system that's available here. It's a large system comprising several hours of audio. It can be used for self help or if you happen to be a therapist, you can study it for use as the basis of an effective one to one therapy.

The processes I use are designed to systematically dismantle the framework that exists below conscious awareness and which constitutes bulimia nervosa.

This audio system is several hours long and as such it’s approaching 100mb in size.
You will need broadband to download it.

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PSTEC for Bulimia