The PSTEC Advanced Audios
* (This particular advanced tutorial is primarily intended for therapists)

Introducing Advanced PSTEC tuition (PSTEC Level 1A*) from
Tim Phizackerley the inventor and creator of PSTEC

How amazing was it when you first started using PSTEC with clients?

PSTEC Level 1 showed you that that therapy can be easy and powerful all at the same time. Therapists should start with PSTEC Level 1 but there's even more, so next let me show you what you're missing. This PSTEC Advanced audio package takes you further again and I'll show you how to be even more effective.
You'll also get two very important extra tracks which come only with this package.
Anyhow, I reckon that before you decide to buy this, you should know exactly what's on it. So I'm just going to lay out exactly what's in this package for you and then you can decide how much you need this.

This is what you're getting:

Audio 1. PSTEC Advanced: Advanced Practical Use of PSTEC

Audio 2. PSTEC Advanced: The Mind Model

There are lots of fascinating firsts on this audio including an explanation of the Esdaile state. You'll find out why it comes with an automatic anaesthesia! Understand much more about PSTEC Positive. Discover why other therapies fail, and find out how to make your talk therapies much more effective. Apply this knowledge to your use of PSTEC to create even more wonderful changes.


Audio 3. The PSTEC Pain Click Track

This is a special click track which comes only as part of the advanced audio package. PSTEC Pain is a PSTEC click track designed for certain types of physical pain. Effective and proper use of this special track requires an understanding of the other Advanced audios. That's why it's supplied ONLY as part of this advanced system. It is NOT sold separately.


Audio 4. The Anger Loop

A very special and unusual PSTEC track. This can be used with certain clients to effect major change to anger responses. As well as being useful, this audio will show you just how easily The Mind Model can be used to create simple but extremely powerful interventions.

Optional use of letters when you have studied both PSTEC Level 1 and this Advanced audio. Letters PSTEC Level 1-A (Advanced PSTEC). We would advise then visiting the PSTEC Register in order to take the exm in Advanced PSTEC

Total: Approx 3 hours
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PS.   Because this huge package contains so much totally new and important information I may not hold this price for long. Why wait though? You can make your life easier starting today. And remember that when you buy this for therapy work it's also 100% tax deductable.

Therapists can try the basic PSTEC for free here.

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