What Are The PSTEC Accelerators?

Simply add in use of these Accelerator tracks with the other tracks to get the very best results.

How To Get Better Results
Accelerators increase the power of PSTEC even more by doing a number of things that the other PSTEC tracks don't do.

Essentially these tracks "boost the power" of every PSTEC track you use. And the effect is cumulative. The more they are used, the better they work. That's because the accelerators also boost themselves.

Full Tutorial Included
The Accelerators come with a full and important tutorial which explains how to use them. It also explains the impact of certain ways of thinking on success and how to avoid mistakes.

You get two types of Accelerator:
The first are accelerators which involve tapping, and the second are relaxation type accelerators.
(The relaxation accelerator is perfect for use after click track sessions. They accelerate your progress while you simply relax)

When You Should Use These
Use these whenever you want to get the very best results and also if you are using PSTEC for more than one issue or several facets of an issue. These are also especially important and extremely useful for any longer term or regular users of PSTEC.

You'll get the following tracks:

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